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AEW Collision results, live blog (Oct. 14, 2023): Bryan Danielson vs. Christian Cage

Tony Khan’s X

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Oct. 14) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. It will feature continued build for next month’s Full Gear PPV in Los Angeles.

Tonight, Bryan Danielson challenges Christian Cage for the TNT title! Dynamite ended in chaos when Danielson came to Adam Copeland’s aid against Cage and his “sons” Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne, and that all looms over Collision’s main even!

Plus, Samoa Joe will put his Ring of Honor World championship on the line against Willie Mack, and TBS champ Kris Statlander defends against Skye Blue. Plus, we’ll hear from new AEW Tag titleholders Ricky Starks & Big Bill, see Brian Cage take on Komander, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


It’s Geno, a bit late thanks to Mediacom issues.

Coming in and Juice Robinson is cutting a promo saying he’s going to take that ring from Max and then they’re going to take it to the pawn shop and pawn it off. The Bang Bang Gang forever.

Jay White, title over his shoulder, asks the crowd for quiet. He brings up MJF and says he brought it on when he jumped him from behind. We all know Max has no friends and his world is falling apart. It will start when Juice takes his ring and it will culminate at Full Gear when his world crumbles for good when White is officially crowned the AEW world heavyweight champion.

If you ain’t down with that, they’ve got two words for ya.

Guns up.

Dustin Rhodes vignette, saying he’s the storm. He’s coming back to Texas where he belongs and he’s as good as he’s ever been in 2023. He’s coming to win the battle royal on Dynamite and he will fulfill his lifelong dream to become the AEW world heavyweight champion.


His path to glory starts where it all began and where legends live forever.

Nick Wayne interviewed.

He is incredulous about being told he’ll have sit down interview with Jim Ross and his mom on Dynamite. He isn’t happy about having to explain himself once again, to the world or his mom. But if they want to know, then he guesses they can find out on Dynamite.

Kyle Fletcher vs. Boulder

Boulder opens by stomping around the ring and then flashing his breasts to Fletcher after throwing him off him.

Fletcher shot off the ropes, stopped on a tackle attempt, punches and forearms thrown. Boulder impenetrable. Fletcher tries the ropes again, is picked up and tossed. He eventually gets Boulder on the apron and off to the outside. Follows up with a dive that nearly didn’t make it.

Back in the ring and Boulder reverses a suplex attempt. He does a couple hip thrusts before going up to the second ropes. Fletcher dips under and hits a powerbomb.

Big pop and a light “holy shit” chant.

Dragon sleeper and that’ll do it.

Kyle Fletcher def. Boulder via submission

The Acclaimed interviewed by Renee Paquette.

She asks what’s next for them. Daddy Ass says they’ve been champs for 48 days. Max Caster says he hopes MJF sees all the hard work they’ve been putting in. Daddy Ass stops him and says he has to work on his relationship skills.

Anthony Bowens agrees, saying Max is coming on too strong. He promises to help Caster to figure this out. They spitball on what he needs to do.

Renee comes back.

“So, Renee, how about those Oral Sessions?”

Renee calls him an idiot and storms off.

Daddy Magic and the boys show up to say they want the pretty pink belts in Memphis, Tennessee. It sounds like that’s gonna happen.

Skye Blue vs. Kris Statlander

This is for the TBS championship.

They lock up and Statlander forces a break in the corner. She complains about the aggression. Some chain wrestling. Side headlock, shoot off to the ropes, stalemate with the tackle. Back elbow from Blue, Statlander with the side headlock takeover after firing up over it.

She gets the tackle this time off the ropes and hits the flex for the crowd. Scoop slam, getting momentum now.

Commercial break.

Back and Statlander hitting a leg sweep into a flip. Big boot in the corner, blue thunderbomb for two.

Statlander tries to get her up but Blue pushes off and tries to get going. She goes to the corner and Statlander cuts her off. She goes up top but Blue manages to overpower and hit her with a big powerbomb. She jumps off for a crossbody but Statlander catches her and hits the power slam.

Both lay on the mat selling.

They go back and forth after getting back up, and it’s Blue taking control, big dropkick. She goes off the ropes, but comes right into Saturday Night Fever and that’ll do it.

Kris Statlander def. Skye Blue via pinfall to retain TBS championship

After, Statlander seems to be trying to help Blue up and Willow Nightingale hits the ring to tell her to go away and she can handle it. Which is what happens.

Kyle Fletcher wants some time.

He sends well wishes to his teammate. He is happy to have an opportunity to showcase he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world, though. There’s a man he wants to prove himself against, so this Wednesday in Houston he’s calling out Kenny Omega for a match.

A really nifty cinematic for Los Ingobernables.

The moment has arrived. El Toro Rush is back but this time with a group of destroyers and killers. His words. They are going to kick everyone’s asses. Remember, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Keith Lee vs. Turbo Floyd

Turbo has an incredible mullet.

“Oooooh, bask in his glory.”

The crowd sings. Floyd attacks with a kick to the midsection. He makes like he’s going to hit the suplex but Lee lifts him up and over. A big shoulder tackle. He calls for the finish and sure enough, the powerbomb hits and that’ll do.

Keith Lee def. Turbo Floyd via pinfall

Miro is here to say a few words.

The last few weeks have been testing him with his wife being around. But he knows what will happen now that she’s here. Evil doesn’t tempt you in the dark, it seduces you in the bright lights. For now, she’ll be surrounded by all the things she loves.

She’ll go deeper day after day, week after week and that’s what will happen unless he kills it off at every turn.

So let this be a warning. He is willing to destroy every man to protect that one woman. This is the promise of The Redeemer.

Christian Cage vs. Bryan Danielson

This is for the TNT championship.

Back and forth to start, they got to multiple stalemates. Bryan takes control and Christian bails out to give them time to go to a commercial break.

Danielson in control as they come back, and he’s got Christian hung up by his arms and legs. A bridged over pin and Cage bounces out and dips to the outside. Danielson follows and throws him into the barrier. Bryan with a running knee while Cage is in a chair slumped.

Back into the ring and another submission from Danielson. He tries to get out with a rake to the eyes. Another near fall off the submission because his shoulders are down.

Christian finally gets back in it with a quick DDT to take control. He flexes to the booing crowd while Danielson sells.

A “fuck you, Christian” chant breaks out and TNT doesn’t censor it. Jim Ross says “our fans are very emotional tonight.”

Meanwhile, Danielson with a reversal and Cage goes sternum first into the post. Danielson goes for the flying headbutt but Christian avoids it and gets a two count.

Danielson back in control, sends Christian out. He tries to follow up with the dive but Christian drills him with a punch. He then hits the back drop on the apron.

Commercial break.

Danielson has been selling the arm big time since he missed the flying headbutt, and Cage is really targeting it. They tell us they’ll stay with this match until the end of it, no matter the overrun.

Cage puts Danielson on the top rope. A couple of punches and he follows him up. Going for the superplex but Bryan blocks it. Then he hits some headbutts, enough to knock Cage off. Up goes Danielson and he actually gets the flying headbutt this time.

Bryan hulking up and getting hyped after a big flying knee. He hits a dive to the outside. “This is awesome” chants start up.

Big dropkick off the top rope coming back into the ring from Danielson.

Cage manages a counter in the corner, rolling through a slam for a two count. He goes up top and hits a frog splash for another near fall.

As Danielson starts to get to his feet, Cage seems to call for the Killswitch. Danielson steps on his knee and then hits the Yes Kicks. Misses the last one, death drop. Cage tries for the spear but gets kicked.

Danielson with another big kick for a very close two.

Back up and Danielson calls for the running knee but Cage actually does get the spear this time, then hits the Killswitch. 1. 2. Kick out!

Cage misses another spear, Danielson hits the running knee!



Kick out!

Danielson goes over and throws on the LeBell Lock! But he’s close enough to the ropes that he gets the bottom rope. Danielson drags him to the middle and goes back to it. He can’t lock it all the way in, though.

Suddenly, Big Bill shows up and distracts the referee while Ricky Starks hits the ring to blast Danielson with the belt. Cage gets on top of him and the referee counts him down.

Christian Cage def. Bryan Danielson to retain TNT championship

Luchasaurus joins the party and the heels all beat down Danielson until FTR hit the ring to help out. Then, Adam Copeland also hits the ring to even things up. He helps clear house.

Nick Wayne gets caught in the ring all alone, surrounded. Copeland hits a big spear and his music plays.


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