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Tony Khan can’t let it go, is now trash talking John Cena and The Undertaker

WWE brought in John Cena and The Undertaker for this week’s Tuesday Night War, which saw NXT definitively beat AEW Dynamite in the ratings. AEW President Tony Khan really can’t let it go, first taking shots at HBK and Vince McMahon, and now turning his attention to shit talk John Cena and The Undertaker.

Here’s the best that Tony Khan could come up with:

“This week, 2 active decades-long ratings streaks from 2 great legends were ended With all due respect, until this week’s head-to-head AEW on TBS vs WWE on USA, neither John Cena nor Undertaker had ever been on a WWE show with under 1 million total viewers + under 400k in the demo”

The most favorable explanation here is that Khan is a toxic troll on social media who is looking to rile up fans on both sides and keep them talking about AEW. The other possibility is that Tony is a sore loser and is melting down after the lopsided defeat that WWE handed him on Tuesday night.

No matter which explanation is correct, the main takeaway I get from all of this is that Tony Khan seems to have an inferiority complex. Like, just let it go, man.

What’s your reaction to Khan trolling about the ratings results, Cagesiders?

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