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Adam Copeland wins his first AEW match as his daughters’ new dad watches on

The main event of AEW Dynamite’s Title Tuesday was Adam Copeland’s first AEW match against Luchasaurus.

But before that, the AEW faithful were treated to a promo from Christian Cage. He called himself the hottest thing in the business, and honestly, who am I to argue with the man? (Not that I would - my father died in 1996 so he’d eviscerate me.)

Cage didn’t discuss his Collision opponent or his paternal loss. But he did turn his ire to his former tag team partner. He pointed out that Copeland had no interest in teaming together when they were back in WWE (he didn’t say WWE, but we knew what he was talking about) and they were pushing the man then known as Edge, leaving Christian behind. But now that Christian is hot, suddenly Copeland wants to team up. According to Cage, now, it’s Adam who needs him and not vice versa.

I detect zero lies.

He then pointed out that Adam’s wife Beth has always been a fan of his. And he even had a message for Adam’s little girls - put some clean sheets on the bed because their new daddy is coming home.

This brought out the Rated R Superstar quickly. However young Nick Wayne grabbed his leg and Luchasaurus nailed him with a big clothesline before the match started. Copeland insisted the referee ring the bell and then persisted to take a long beating while Christian watched from the ring ramp.

It eventually took a suicide dive into a tornado DDT to get Cope back in the match. He’d have to endure a little more punishment before he’d hit an Impaler DDT for a nearfall.

Adam seemed to finally be in control after a big superplex. But Christian stood up to distract the ref as Nick Wayne set up a chair in the corner. Despite watching him do it, Copeland attempted a spear at Luchasaura towards that corner and wouldn’t you know it - he ran right into that chair.

Copeland would hit his biggest move by running off the apron on to ring stairs move earlier by Luchasaurus into a spear.

He rolled the big man in the ring to go for another spear when Christian would once again get involved. However, while the ref was dealing with Wayne, Cope stole the TNT title, clocked Luchasaurus in the head with it, and tossed it back to the champ. The big man stared down Christian, thinking he did it, and Cope took that chance to hit the spear for the win.

It would all break down as Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus attacked Copeland. But Bryan and BCC, the Gates of Agony, Swerve Strickland, and Hangman Page would all get involved in a massive brawl.

AEW went off the air as Bryan was tapping Christian to the Lebell lock - ahead of their match on Saturday.

So Adam Copeland ended Title Tuesday on top, but in the end, Christian is still better.

You can find all the results to Dynamite’s Title Tuesday at our live blog here.

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