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MJF threatens Kenny Omega with a mystery on Being The Elite

MJF is making the rounds on Being The Elite, and he had a threatening message for Kenny Omega.

In the opening segment of “Private Jet” - Being The Elite Ep. 368, MJF crashed the locker room scene with the Elite. He bragged about putting them over huge on social media. MJF buttered the Bucks with compliments, and they soaked it up asking for more. Omega praised MJF as becoming a real locker room leader.

MJF and Omega bonded over getting their butts beat by the Bang Bang Gang and the Callis Family. When MJF hugged Omega, he whispered in his ear, “26 days, you fucking bitch.” Oh my.

Omega wondered, “26 days until what?” That’s a good question. Time to put on our detective hats.

My first thought was in regard to the AEW World Championship. Omega has the longest reign with that belt in company history at 346 days. MJF is closing in on the record. He has held the Triple B for 324 days and counting. That spread is not exactly 26 days when this episode of BTE was filmed or released. If MJF has plans to establish himself as the greatest in a big way, 26 days from when this episode was released could lead to the November 4 date of Collision and a title defense against Omega. I would think AEW would spin the wheels for a bigger build to a match of that magnitude, however, they’ve never shied away from serving dream matches on a cold platter.

What other ideas could it be? 26 days is not a reference to Omega’s birthday, which is October 16. It is too soon for MJF’s contract to expire, which will allegedly take place in 2024. 26 days from last week’s Dynamite places the target on October 30, which could be a special BTE Halloween episode.

Knowing the BTE absurd sense of humor, I’m expecting something completely off the wall.

What do you think MJF is referring to with 26 days?

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