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Tony Khan brings Vince McMahon’s ‘alleged misdeeds’ into Tuesday Night War trash talk

Last night (Oct. 9), AEW head honcho Tony Khan matched WWE’s move by making the first 30 minutes of tonight’s Dynamite commercial-free on TBS (it was announced earlier that the episode of NXT airing opposite the schedule-shifted AEW show would be without ad breaks for its first half hour on USA). Then, he decided to have a little fun with the competitive oneupmanship that the two companies have been engaged in with a Larry David GIF...

He probably would have got this response anyway, but before long a WWE loyalist responded to let Khan know he wouldn’t be watching. TK, who as he’s reminded us before is a veteran of many a message board flame war, was ready with a meme retort...

The fact Roderick Strong used a bad word in that GIF inspired another tweeter (X poster?) to compare Khan’s customer service skills to Vince McMahon’s. Because Vince famously never antagonized his audience, I guess? Whatever their intent, what they did was give Tony an opening to remind fans about the TKO Group Holding’s Executive Chairman’s recent controversies, which include multiple allegations of sexual misconduct:

While McMahon’s “alleged misdeeds” won’t impact tonight’s NXT/Dynamite battle — except perhaps in that Triple H & Shawn Michaels are reportedly calling the shots without his input — they are still being investigated by the Federal Government and a possible concern for his new bosses at Endeavor.

If you don’t mind getting caught in a flame war yourself, weigh in on TK’s Tuesday Night War banter in the comments below.

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