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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Oct. 10, 2023): Title Tuesday


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing live tonight (Oct. 10) at 8pm ET on TBS.

AEW will be in Independence, Missouri’s Cable Dahmer Arena, and doing battle on television with WWE NXT as a result of the Major League Baseball Playoffs bumping them to Tuesday night this week.

Tony Khan is promising us his best Dynamite line-up ever, anchored by Adam Copeland’s first AEW match, against Luchasaurus! We’re also getting an explanation from Christian Cage about why he rejected Copeland’s reunion pitch.

The “Title Tuesday”-themed show will also feature Bryan Danielson & Swerve Strickland going one-on-one for a TNT championship shot, Rey Fenix defending his International belt against Jon Moxley, and Hikaru Shida trying to win the Women’s World title back from Saraya. Plus, Chris Jericho takes on Powerhouse Hobbs, Jay White battles Hangman Page, World champ MJF & Timeless Toni Storm will make appearances, and more!

Come right back here at 8pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


I pull up “The Buy In” (watch it here), with the Wrestle Aunts hyping up the show. Renee Paquette & RJ City kick it to the announce team of Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone. Then it’s ... KAZE NI NARE!

Minoru Suzuki vs. Eddie Kingston

Chop fest. Eddie’s selling them a little more, buckling to a knee on a couple of them. Suzuki suggests moving to head strikes, and after one slap Murder Grandpa puts the champ out with a forearm. Kingston’s up, but a follow-up puts him down again and we move to some mat-based offense from the legendary veteran.

We see the Jarrett family watching on a monitor backstage, reminding us that Jay Lethal is angling for (at least) a ROH World title shot.

Suzuki backs off referee Rick Knox and gets in a few more chops, then Eddie fires up and backs his opponent into the corner with chops of his own. Minoru’s chest is bright red. A throw out of the corner moves us back to the middle of the ring for more chops! “Crazy Grandpa Jones” (as Taz calls him) laugh off the chops, and brings a flurry of strikes the head and midsection that again puts Kingston down. Schiavone points out that no one has attempted a cover as we cut to Double-J’s crew watching again.

Rear chinlock from Suzuki. Eddie tries to roll through, then gets to his feet. Gotch-style suplex countered into a flip. Uraken only gets two. A follow-up backfist doesn’t even get one!

We get yet another chop exchange, Kingston grabs Suzuki. Northern Lights Bomb, and that does it.

Eddie Kingston def. Minoru Suzuki via pinfall to retain the ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight titles

The crowd cheers for the vanquished challenger who re-enters the ring for a staredown. One more chop from each man, a hug, and then Eddie rolls out to give Suzuki the ring to himself.

Kingston hits the announce desk to tell us not to be idiots, watch Dynamite. He almost leaves Taz hanging, then gives him a big sweaty hug. He also walks up behind the Wrestle Aunts to high five Renee and flip off RJ.

Schiavone is backstage with Tony Khan. Jon Moxley isn’t cleared, but we will still have an International title match. Khan doesn’t seem to know who, but then HOOK and his buddy Orange Cassidy walk up. HOOK says it’s got to be his guy, and TK is on board. OC is his usual non-commital self until Tony tells him he doesn’t have to do it — then he quickly says he will.

The Wrestle Aunts are back to run down the card, mentioning that Christian Cage will start the show.

That’s The Buy In!

The TNT champion is in the control room to start the show, because of course — he’s the hottest star in the company. Christian Cage is okay with either Bryan Danielson or Swerve Strickland winning tonight’s #1 contender match. He’s still mad at Swerve for All In, and would love to prove Danielson isn’t the best wrestler in the world. Then in the main event, his right-hand of destruction will put down Adam Copeland. And he might come out and say a little more about last week beforehand.

Finally, as the face of TBS and TNT, he secured the first 30 minutes of the show as commercial-free. You’re welcome.

Bryan Danielson vs. Swerve Strickland

Prince Nana is with Swerve. None of the members of Blackpool Combat Club are with the American Dragon.

They lock up for an early mat-based exchange. Each man works for holds during an amateur wrestling open. Things heat up as they exchange slaps to the face. The action speeds up leading to a exchange of pinning predicaments, and so far this would fit in on a 2005 ROH show (that’s a complement coming from me, your mileage will vary).

Out on the apron for an exchange of chops. Danielson ends up backed in the ring post. Strickland follows up with a back drop onto the edge of the ring. Diving forearm off the middle rop, and Swerve does a little dance before following up. Bryan is selling famage to his right arm. Pair of slams from Strickland gets two. Then he goes for a crossface chickenwing, turns it into a backbreaker, but takes too long showboating again. A splash gets nothing but knees and Swerve is hurting.

He goes outside to regroup, and the Dragon follows with a running knee off the apron. Back in the ring with a drop kick, but Danielson’s now selling a possible rib injury. YES Kicks finish up with one to the dome, which gets Bryan a nearfall. Back and forth now, Danielson goes for a dive and gets caught with a forearm. Strickland hangs him off the ring post, Swerve Stomp to the apron!

Nana is hyped as Swerve rolls Bryan in. Tries for another Stomp but the Dragon was ready to to roll out of the way and grab a leg for a half crab! He transitions to a heel hook, but Strickland reaches the ropes for a break. Danielson gets him up in the corner and sends him down. Kicks to the head, but Bryan crumples when he whips himself into the corner to set up for the running knee (Taz wonders if he gave himself a live shot).

House Call out of nowhere from Strickland, but Danielson kicks out! Prince Nana is on the apron to distract the referee so Swerve can grab his crown. But Hangman Page (who fell victim to the same trick at WrestleDream) is here to stop him! Bryan recovers, fights off a JML Driver, Busaiku Knee, that’s it!

Bryan Danielson def. Swerve Strickland via pinfall, winning a shot at TNT champ Christian Cage this Saturday on Collision

Samoa Joe reminds us he’s still interested in the World title. He resumes his ascension to greatness on Collision this Saturday.

Chris Jericho vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

After our “Judas” sing-a-long Don Callis is out with the newest member of his Family. An early spinebuster from Hobbs gets two. A little gound-and-pound while Don works the crowd. Two more spinebusters, Powerhouse pulls him to his knees and yells “ANYONE CAN GET IT” in his face. Jericho tries to punch his way back into, but eats another thunderous spinebuster for his trouble.

Don yells at his guy to “hurt him”, telling him to target the liver. More spinebusters, then Jericho mounts another comeback. Powerhouse goes for a corner charge — nobody home! Codebreaker! One, two... no!

Not long before Jericho is down again. Mounted punches, then yet another spinebuster as Hobbs yells at him to quit. It leaves another opening for Le Champion and he uses it to get Powerhouse into the Walls of Jericho... but Hobbs pulls his way free. Powerhouse puts him down with two slams, making the cover with his knee on Jericho’s face and that’s it!

Powerhouse Hobbs def. Chris Jericho via pinfall

After the bell, another scoop slam leaves Jericho is a heap in the middle of the ring as referee Aubrey Edwards checks on him. On the way out with Callis, Hobbs again reminds us that “Anyone can get it”.

Another vignette with Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and The Kingdom. Cole really needs to get that surgery he’s been putting off, but Roddy needs Adam to cut his grass. Cole wants to get home for a shower since his shirt is soaked. Strong has one for him inside... a Neck Strong one, of course. Matt Taven introduces him to Rick Strong, Roddy’s stuffed recovery giraffe. Cole wants to know why there’s no cell service or TVs in the house, he wants to watch Dynamite to see what Max is up to. The Kingdom says that stuff is distraction, but Adam says he’s got to go.

To which Roddy, of course, says, “ADAM! I need one more thing...”

Rey Fenix vs. Orange Cassidy

In case you missed it above, Jon Moxley wasn’t cleared for tonight, so OC is getting his rematch for the International title.

Exchange of strikes in the middle of the ring to start. Clothesline puts Cassidy down for a move off the top as a banged up Fenix tries to end this quick. Rey tries to lift Orange for a follow-up, but can’t lift him. He rolls out to catch his breath, Cassidy follows to whip him into the barricade, then over another, then into the ring post multiple times.

Cassidy slides in to break referee Paul Turner’s count, which gives Fenix a chance to hit OC with a kick. But Cassidy grabs the leg on a follow-up and slams the champ to the apron back-first. Orange up top and gets caught by Fenix, but can’t do anything else before his back thwarts him.

Big DDT, he goes for Orange Punch, but Fenix stops that with a kick. More back issues lead to a Beach Break. Fenix kicks out of that, then hits an Orange Punch and we have a two-time champ!

Orange Cassidy def. Rey Fenix via pinfall to win the International championship

It’s time for Timeless Toni Storm’s close-up. RJ City wants to know what Storm being ready for her close-up means. It’s a film (or “fil-um”, as Toni says) and of course like all the best pictures, it’s silent. “Who needs all that noise, darling!”

Part One of “Lover’s Lament” plays during our first picture-in-picture of the night. Storm pantomimes a few things like driving a car, all within her apartment set.

Wardlow vs. Matt Sydal

Four Powerbombs.

Wardlow def. Matt Sydal via referee stoppage

The big man storms off through the crowd.

Backstage, Renee is trying to get a word with Jericho as trainer’s check on him. Daniel Garcia tries to get an update himself, which brings out a pissed off Daddy Magic who wants to know what he’s doing. Garcia says he’s just trying to be human and check on someone who used to mean a lot to them. They storm off, and Paquette says she’ll get us an update f she can later.

Jay White vs. Hangman Page

The Bang Bang Gang accompany Switchblade (with the pilfered Triple B) on tricked out yellow tricycles. White tells Juice Robinson and The Gunns to stay back by the barricade. He jaws with Page, telling him he’ll never take the belt from him. That gets a laugh. Switch slaps him, which doesn’t.

A pissed off Hangman controls the action as we go PiP.

Switchblade is chopping Page in the corner when we return from some full-screen ads. Hangman gets in a couple strikes, then puts Page down with a Dragon Screw leg whip before mocking Hiroshi Tanahashi for a moment. More strikes from Page, who then catches a leaping White for a slam. Hangman is selling a knee injury. Doesn’t keep him from hitting a Standing SSP for two.

White goes outside for a break, Page’s knee buckles when he follows, but still powerbombs Jay onto the apron. Another inside only gets two. Switchblade is dead weight as Hangman goes for Deadeye, but recovers to fight free and over-under suplex Page into the corner. A kneebreaker on the apron sends us to a break with the heel in control.

They’re battling up top when we return. Blockbuster from Page, but he landed right on his bad knee when he hit the move. Both men take their time recovering from that, White with a thumb to the eye and a shot at Hangman’s bum wheel, then a uranage gets two. Page comes back with a pair of forearms, but a Dragon Screw in the ropes leaves the Cowboy in pain.

Another battle up top as White wants the Avalanche Uranage, but Page guillotines him on the ropes. Orihara Moonsault! Back in Hangman wants Buckshot, but Switchblade has him scouted. Bridging suplex gets a nearfall. Hangman goes for Deadeye but his knee buckles. Bladerunner is countered into , but a distraction from Bullet Club Gold allows White to recover.

Prince Nana shows up to hit Hangman with the crown, but Page is ready. He wasn’t ready for the handful of tights White grabbed while rolling him up in the confusion, though.

Jay White def. Hangman Page via pinfall

Page hobbles after Nana as the Bang Bang Gang celebrate, and here’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman. He wants his belt back!

White doesn’t want to hear from M-J-F. He wants to hear from J-A-Y. They go back and forth with Max saying he understands Switchblade, because he’d do the same things he is. But now he’s trying to be a better man. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. So he wants White to do the right thing and give him back the Triple B, which means the world him and which Jay hasn’t earned.

Juice thinks that’s hilarious, and Switch says he appreciates that he asked this time rather than jumping him in his little Devil mask. But they have a match Nov. 18, and if MJF wins that he can have it. Or he could come down here and get it right now. But Max won’t do that. If he can find three people who can stand him, they can have an eight man and if he wins, maybe he can have the belt back.

Robinson gets on the mic, calling the champ by his last name and revealing the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal is next week. He says he’s going to win then, then reveals a roll of quarters with “Friedman” written on it. He says after he knocks him out with those he’s going to... but an incensed MJF cuts him off, threatening him not to come near him with those quarters, obviously upset because of the anti-semitic bullying story he’s shared before.

The second part of Toni Storm’s “Lover’s Lament” plays during PiP.

Saraya vs. Hikaru Shida

The challenger is in control in the early going, but finds herself alone with a masked attacker on the outside. It’s Ruby Soho of course, but Shida stops her before she can spray paint her, and Timeless Toni Storm is here to chase her former teammate off with... the shooooe!

Back and forth during PiP, then Shida is in control when we return. Punches from the top. Saraya on the apron, pulls Hikaru down so that she falls back first to the apron’s edge on her way to the floor. Shida recovers, battle on the apron, suplex to the champ. Meteora to the floor, gets her back in, running knee! The champ kicks out and mounts a comeback.

When a Knight Cap doesn’t put Shida away, Saraya goes to the corner and slides her spray paint into her tights and grabs the kendo stick. Referee Paul Turner takes the stick, allowing Saraya to blind Shida with the paint. Another Knight Cap, but it only gets two.

A third Knight Cap is countered into a Falcon’s Arrow. They roll through pin attempts, and Shida ends up on top for the last three count!

Hikaru Shida def. Saraya via pinfall to become the new AEW Women’s World champion

We’re informed that Chris Jericho is headed to hospital to have his internal injuries checked out. There’s also an very cool announcement that AEW is donating over $1 million in toys to Toys For Tots this holiday season.

Don Callis is with Konosuke Takeshita, and he’s not happy they couldn’t get ten minutes to talk tonight. So they do Sammy Guevara’s sign gimmick in PiP.

MJF is backstage with Renee, who asks about both White’s word and what Juice said. He calmly tells her he’s not in the mood for an interview, he just wants to call his boy and get some advice. He calls Adam Cole, wanted advice for dealing with Switchblade, Joe, and the “old wounds” Juice brough up. But the reception at Roddy’s is so bad he can’t hear Max.

The Acclaimed roll up, and Max Caster offers his services to beat Bullet Club Gold and get his belt back. MJF can’t deal with that right now and walk off, and Billy Gunn & Anthony Bowens want to know what was up with that. Since when does he offer their services, and what’s up with his infatuation with MJF. Caster explains that they started wrestling tonight, he needs friends, and likes it when MJF plays hard to get.

Christian Cage makes his way to the ring with Luchasaurus. He takes a shot at Kansas City about the Chiefs, then says he got a lot of people talking last week with his remarks to the Rated R Superstar, leaving Adam Copeland with that slack jawed look he’s seen so many times in his life.

He didn’t like it when Copeland said Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne would take the information in his head and leave him. Unlike Copeland, he didn’t take some people and dress them up like Halloween and convince them they’re tough guys (Judgement Day shot!). That group turned on Copeland. It won’t happen with him though. For Wayne & Luchasaurus, he’s not their leader, he’s their father.

He also thought it was funny when Copeland pitched finishjng their careers together with dream matches. It’s funny, because when he was being disrespected and underused in the past, Copeland din’t turn down his push for a team and dream matches.

There were no mentions of Adam Copeland’s father, but Christian did say he knows his wife Beth Phoenix is a big fan. So he tells Beth to put clean sheets on the bed, because girls, your new daddy is coming home.

That brings a pissed off Rated R Superstar charging into the ring. Cage bails, Luchasaurus steps in Copeland’s way, Nick Wayne grabs his boot, allowing Luchasaurus to put him into the corner hard before the bell.

Referee Bryce Remsburg checks on Copeland, who insists he wants to go!

Adam Copeland vs. Luchasuarus

It’s a slow destruction with Christian watching on from the ramp with a smile on his face, at least through a commercial break as we head into the overrun. That continues when we return, with Nick Wayne getting in some cheap shots of his own when Copeland is outside and Remsburg isn’t looking.

Luchasaurus preps for some serious punishment on the steps and apron, but Copeland hits a desperation tilt-a-whirl DDT off the apron to the floor to finally get in his first AEW match. Back in the ring, splash off the top keps the dinosaur-man reeling. The flurry leads to a nearfall.

Cope, as the announcers keep calling him, climbs for a follow-up, but Luchasaurus catches up to him. They battle up there over the steps which were set-up on their side on the floor earlier. The Rated R Superstar hits a superplex... but into the ring and not the floor.

Both men are down. Copeland gets up first and readies himself for a spear. Cage comes down to distract the ref, which allows Wayne to set up a chair in the ropes. Luchasaurus leapfrogs the spear and Cope goes head first into it! He recovers quickly though, avoiding Extinction for another striking exchange. Copeland looks to spear Luchasaurus on the upturned steps, but gets gozzled instead. It leads to a spot where Cope uses the steps to launch himself into a midair spear (it missed a bit, but Ex sold it by saying he feigned left before going right).

Things break down on the way into the ring, with Remsburg catching Cage on the apron with the TNT title. Copeland takes that from him and hits Luchasaurus with it! Lucha thinks Christian hit him with it, and while they’re jawing at each other Copeland tees up the dinosaur-man for a final spear!

Adam Copeland def. Luchasaurus via pinfall

Wayne hits the victor with a chopblock in the aftermath. The heels gang up on Cope until Bryan Danielson (#1 contender for the TNT title, remember?) makes the save. The rest of BCC roll out, as does Mogul Embassy. Hangman Page is here to brawl with Swerve Strickland. Copeland lays out Wayne with a spear and we close with Christian trapped in a LeBell Lock.


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