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AEW WrestleDream results: MJF didn’t need Adam Cole to retain

Before he kicked off the PPV portion of WrestleDream, Maxwell Jacob Friedman took a moment to address the closing scene of last week’s Dynamite. Not only did MJF deny that he had anything to do with the group of mystery men who attacked Jay White, he also said that someone broke into his locker and stole his devil mask!

With that out of the way, the AEW World champ addressed the absence of his brochacho and fellow Ring of Honor Tag titleholder Adam Cole, who’s sidelined by a (much speculated upon) ankle injury. Friedman again vowed to not only beat The Righteous in his handicap defense tonight in Seattle, but to keep the belts until Cole is back from surgery.

He also had some trash talk for Dutch and Vincent, vowing to body slam the former before the match was done.

Even with the Climate Pledge Arena crowd firmly in his corner, the numbers got the better of MJF early. The Righteous made the mistake of mocking Max’s bestie...

And of course Friedman wasn’t afraid to use all the tools at his disposal (like fighting off a chair shot from Vincent by grabbing a hold of the family jewels... all while referee Bryce Remsburg was distracted dealing with Dutch).

Max would get Dutch up for the body slam...

... and hit the vaunted Kangaroo Kick on both challengers. It would take one more dirty trick to pull of the victory though, getting his feet on the ropes after a Heatseeker. Remsburg missed it, counting three to keep Better Than You BAY BAY the champ(s).

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