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AEW WrestleDream results: Danielson wins, but Sabre, Jr. can still argue he’s the best technical wrestler in the world

It was a match that seemed like it would main event AEW’s new WrestleDream PPV. It didn’t end up getting that honor, but Bryan Danielson didn’t look disappointed in the least. Facing New Japan’s Zack Sabre, Jr. for the unofficial title of “best technical wrestler in the world”, in front of his fellow Washingtonians in Seattle, during what says will be his final year as a full-time wrestler — Danielson couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he entered Climate Pledge Arena on Sun., Oct. 1.

Bryan’s Blackpool Combat Club teammate Jon Moxley was on commentary, and was just as pumped up.

The match worked to justify the excitement, with mat-based wrestling and big strikes from both me. Each man targeted a body part: the American Dragon went after ZSJ’s knee, while the Brit took aim at Danielson’s arm.

More than just hold-for-hold, these two told a great story. Sabre inflicted punishment and relished the crowd’s jeers.

Bryan fired up, getting the fans amped up by telling them it was time for ZSJ to get his f***ing head kicked in. It built to a Busaiku Knee from Danielson, and a win for the American Dragon.

He offered his hand in a post-match show of respect, but Sabre bailed as Nigel McGuinness reminded us that since Bryan won with a strike, the NJPW Television champ could still argue he’s the best technical wrestler in the world.

If they want to run it back to settle that, they’re not going to get many complaints.

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