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How Tony Khan could end up with a WWE championship

WWE and AEW may not be in a full blown “war” in the way WWE was battling it out with WCW back in the late 1990s but they’re still in direct competition with each other, in a number of different ways. That’s why this scenario James Ellsworth brought up on Twitter yesterday is such a delight to consider:

The Jacksonville Jaguars scored a big 20-16 win over the Tennessee Titans just last night (Jan. 7, 2023) at TIAA Bank Field, clinching the AFC South in the process. They will be the fourth seed in the playoffs, hosting at least one playoff game.

Why is this relevant to us?


You’ll notice in Khan’s bio that he lists himself as not just the “Owner/CEO/GM of AEW” but also “Owner/football analytics” with the Jaguars. Tony’s father, Shahid Khan, bought the team in 2012.

That means it’s at least possible that the Jaguars will win the Super Bowl — not likely, of course, but at least possible — and WWE will be put in the position of keeping with its tradition of scoring free promotional points by sending a custom WWE championship. The idea is always to get eyes on the title when the winning team holds its parade and players/members of the organization get to carry the title around with them.

Which could very well be the owner of AEW.

You know, if it happens.

Go Jaguars?

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