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Max Caster had something to say about Vince McMahon at Battle of the Belts V

Battle of the Belts V featured Jeff Jarrett’s latest title match in AEW. Jarrett teamed up with Jay Lethal to challenge AEW World Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens). This was a rematch from just two nights ago on Dynamite when there was a controversial Dusty finish.

A lot of the heat for this feud stems from Max Caster bringing up Karen Jarrett in a recent rap. Caster was at it again tonight during his entrance rap, comparing Jarrett to terrible human being Vince McMahon. This was timely, of course, given McMahon officially returned to WWE earlier in the morning.

“How is Jeff Jarrett back up in the mix? If you won it would be the new January 6.”

“You’re a stain on this business man, I mean Jeff Jarrett is worse than Vince McMahon.”

The fun and games were just getting started. This was a No Holds Barred match, and these teams delivered on all the chaos and overbooking that can come with that kind of gimmick.

It started when Jay Lethal prevented a Jarrett tap out by dropping a flying elbow on the referee.

Daddy Ass and Satnam Singh got involved at that point. Daddy stole Jeff’s guitar, leading to a spot where Ass blasted Singh in the head with it. Singh became irate and chokeslammed everyone in sight, including the backup referee:

Sonjay Dutt ripped off the ref’s shirt and put it on himself. He attempted to make the three count for his team, but Aubrey Edwards came out as the third referee and put a stop to that nonsense. Just like Wednesday night, Aubrey’s involvement gave The Acclaimed the opening they needed to retain their titles:

This match was a hell of a good time.

With two title match defeats this week for Jarrett and Lethal, it looks like it will be quite a while longer before Jarrett wins gold in AEW.

What did you think of this No Holds Barred match, Cagesiders?

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