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Here’s the Tony Khan tweet referencing Vince McMahon’s return you knew was coming

AEW’s YouTube

AEW owner, president & booker Tony Khan’s wrestling fandom was forged in Monday Night War-era online message boards.

That’s something that comes up from time-to-time when discussing what we see on Dynamite and Rampage each week. It definitely helps explain why Khan can’t help but fire off a saucy comment or tweet whenever there’s a big piece of news in the wider wrestling world.

We’ve seen it before in the saga of Vince McMahon and the WWE Board of Directors. And with McMahon forcing his return to WWE today (Jan. 6), less than six months after he resigned while the Board was investigating hush money he paid to women with whom he’d had affairs or who alleged he’d mistreated them?

You knew there’d be a tweet. Here it is...

TK is referencing the reports that many wrestlers in his employ wanted out of their AEW contracts so they could return to a post-Vince WWE. And plugging his shows tonight, natch.

Love it or hate it, it’s a reminder Vince McMahon’s return gives Tony Khan & AEW a chance to present themselves as the alternative to an “evil empire” again — something they lost when folks on all sides of the wrestling business were celebrating the changes Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & Nick Khan brought to WWE in the elder McMahon’s absence.

Something I’m sure all wrestling fans will react to calmly and rationally.

UPDATE: He’s still having fun in the replies...

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