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Bryan Danielson & MJF are headed to an Iron Man match at Revolution

If the American Dragon can go undefeated over the next month or so, that is.

The opponent AEW booked for Aberdeen, Washington’s Bryan Danielson in their Seattle debut may have been a bit disappointing (sorry, Tony Nese stans). But we all knew where this was headed, even before Tony Khan announced that World champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman was contractually obligated to appear on the Jan. 4 Dynamite.

After making short work of Nese, the American Dragon called out MJF. The promo duel that followed was a bit all over the place — mom jokes here, a Jim Cornette namedrop there.

Ultimately, it set up a story we’ve seen Friedman at the center of before. If Danielson wants a shot for the Big Burberry Belt, he’ll have to run a gauntlet. Bryan called out Max’s propensity for pulling this particular trick and suggested a twist.

If he can keep winning, he’ll get to challenge for the title at Revolution on Mar. 5. And Danielson baited him into agreeing to his stipulation for that. It’ll be something where Max can’t just get himself disqualified, and he’ll actually have to wrestle — a 60 minute Iron Man match.

It sounds like Max will still be picking Bryan’s opponents, but not giving each an individual stipulation. One thing he was clear on was mocking what’s become a Danielson cliche... his inability to win the big one in AEW.

Will they defy that expectation too in San Francisco at Revolution?

We’ll find out in March. Until then, get complete results and coverage of everything from tonight’s episode of Dynamite here.

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