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CM Punk reminds us he was a pretty big deal for AEW

We don’t know for sure what CM Punk is thinking these days.

He hasn’t spoken on the record about the events of Labor Day weekend 2022, which included his winning the AEW World title at All Out, putting The Elite specifically & Tony Khan’s company in general on blast at the post-PPV media scrum, then getting into a physical scrum with Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks backstage — and ended with Punk seemingly out of the company.

His friend Dax Harwood has spoken about him as it relates to some of those things. Punk’s reacted to his comments, and now some folks in AEW are allegedly unhappy with both of them. Or maybe unhappier. It’s hard to know.

It’s also hard to know if Punk wants to come back, or just wants to make sure Khan knows he thinks it’s a mistake cutting ties with him. But while the end goal may not be clear, the overall message of what he posted to his Instagram Story yesterday (Jan. 3) is. And it’s not just that he follows Ringside Collectibles and Wrestlenomics...

Nobody’s disputing that Punk generated a lot of interest for AEW. The question is whether the juice is worth the squeeze — meaning is that incremental business he provides worth the headache his being there creates (whether it’s Punk’s fault or not)?

TK probably already has these numbers. Does that mean we already have his answer?

Stay tuned.

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