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Arn Anderson cuts promo to recruit Brian Pillman Jr. in AEW

Arn Anderson doesn’t like the current losing direction his son his heading in AEW, so he proposed an idea. Arn called in Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr. to suggest a second-generation tag team.

This story started last week on Dark when Arn was content to let Brock spread his wings on his own to prove himself.

Brock rolled solo for the match, but the desired result was not achieved. Daddy Magic was able to use an exposed turnbuckle to his advantage for victory over the Anderson son.

Fast forward this week to Dark, Brian Pillman Jr. competed at a high level but came up short against respected veteran Christopher Daniels, who was kicking off his 30th year in the business. Daniels bested young Pillman with the Best Moonsault Ever.

Arn gathered Brock and Pillman for a proposal. The second-generation sons have tagged before with a spark to complement each other, so perhaps a new relationship can benefit all three. Pillman felt lost in AEW and was receptive to the idea. His mother told him that Arn was the one man he could trust to guide him in the wrestling business. Pillman called in that favor to sit under the Horsemen learning tree.

Brock and Pillman have previously joined forces on the indies. They lost to FTR then regrouped to defeat the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. In the world of AEW, Pillman was occupied in a tag team with Griff Garrison. Now that the Varsity Blonds have lost Julia Hart to the House of Black, the Varsity in their name, and Garrison to injury, Pillman is free for a change in direction.

The pairing of Pillman and Brock as a tag team makes a ton of sense given that their fathers were members of the Four Horsemen. Time will tell how well they gel and if it could open the door for two more members into a new four-man faction guided by Arn.

Do you see a promising future for the tag team of Brian Pillman Jr. and Brock Anderson? What would you name their tag team? If success takes off for the duo, who would you add for a new Horsemen-inspired faction?

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