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Christopher Daniels starts his 30th year as a professional wrestler with a win in AEW

30 years as a professional wrestler is an impressive feat, and Christopher Daniels joined that exclusive club. Not only does Daniels possess longevity in his career field, but he also demonstrates consistency of success. The Fallen Angel started 2023 in style with a victory.

Daniels debuted in Windy City Pro Wrestling during 1993 at the age of 22. He won his first championship a few months later by defeating Trevor Blanchard for the WCPW Light Heavyweight Championship. That would be the first of many championships in Daniels’ career with the highest honor being the ROH World Championship in 2017.

Daniels kicked off his 30th year in the business on the right foot by challenging himself against a hungry Brian Pillman Jr. on Dark. After a competitive back and forth start to the match, Daniels gained an edge by ducking a leaping attack as Pillman tweaked his knee on the landing. Daniels scored offensive control until Pillman fired up an energetic rally. Daniels used his veteran savvy to dodge a senton atomico from Flying Brian. That set up the Best Moonsault Ever for Daniels to claim victory.

View the full match in the opening bout of Dark.

The announcement from Daniels about his 30th year caught the attention of one world champion in particular. Josh Alexander issued an open challenge to Daniels for the Impact World Championship.

Daniels replied, “Duly noted, champ.” Get Scott D’Amore on the phone to book it!

Daniels has unfinished business in Impact. He returned to the promotion in 2021 angling for a world title shot, but that story never played out to fruition. Let’s hope Daniels gets his chance in 2023 with the Forbidden Door swinging open between AEW and Impact.

What would you like to see from Christopher Daniels in his 30th as a professional wrestler?

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