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Mark Briscoe to make his AEW debut on Dynamite after WBD changes stance

Earlier today, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Warner Bros Discovery would not allow Tony Khan to use Mark Briscoe on AEW television.

This was somewhat surprising, as everything we’ve heard about the media company’s ban on The Briscoes was tied to the late Jay Briscoe’s homophobic tweets from 2013. Despite his apologies, and a significant portion of the wrestling community vouching for his character in general & behavior towards LGBTQ+ persons specifically, that ban remained intact last Wednesday after Jay’s death.

Meltzer’s story on Mark led to a lot of speculation about if there was something else behind WBD’s thinking, like the confederate flag gear The Briscoes wore fairly regularly in the past (I personally can’t recall seeing them wear it in the last 5+ years, but can’t find documentation of a specific date).

Perhaps we can stop speculating. Mark Briscoe will be wrestling on the Jan. 25 Dynamite.

After the announcement, Meltzer tweeted that he’s confirmed with AEW that WBD has changed their policy on Mark Briscoe. Further, the promotion will be allowed to honor Jay on Dynamite from Kentucky.

The Young Bucks revealed earlier this week that they were in contact with Mark shortly after Jay’s death. The younger Briscoe brother offered his first public comments since last Tuesday’s tragedy through a family friend yesterday.

Now, he’ll be wrestling on AEW television on his brother’s birthday tomorrow night.

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