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Women’s street fight turns into another thumbtack barbed wire bloodbath on Rampage

One of the most memorable matches in the history of AEW Rampage is a street fight from December 2021 where Anna Jay and Tay Melo prevailed in a thumbtack barbed wire bloodbath.

More than a year later, the hype videos for this week’s (Jan. 13) women’s street fight set the stage for fans to witness a similar display of hardcore violence. And that’s exactly what happened when Melo and Jay mixed it up with Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale.

Weapons were introduced right from the start, and Soho was busted open early in the match after being attacked with a garbage can. Anna Jay tried to finish off Nightingale with a barbed wire assisted Queen Slayer choke, which is how she won the 2021 bloody street fight. But Ruby broke it up by pulverizing Jay’s skull with a chain:

Nightingale took Anna up the ramp for a flying power bomb off the stage, overshooting a table on the way down for a sick landing. Melo immediately followed up by piledriving Soho through a table at ringside:

That wasn’t enough to keep a blood-soaked Ruby down for the three count, so Tay added thumbtacks to the mix. Ruby made her pay for that decision, hitting her finisher on the tiny sharp objects for the win:

What did you think of this iteration of a brutally violent women’s street fight on AEW Rampage, Cagesiders?

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