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Paul Walter Hauser shows up in AEW, gets head smashed in by Jeff Jarrett’s guitar

AEW Rampage took place in Los Angeles this week, so Golden Globe Award winner Paul Walter Hauser was in the building.

He grabbed a mic and talked about how much he loves pro wrestling. He also took a shot at WWE by saying he always passes by Connecticut and heads straight to Jacksonville, because you never know what will happen in AEW.

That was the cue for a lot of chaos to ensue, of course.

Danhausen interrupted Hauser and tried to convince the actor to give him the Golden Globe Award because he’s the top merch seller in AEW. Before Hauser could issue much of a response, Jeff Jarrett and his cronies hit the scene. Hauser is familiar with Jeff’s shtick and didn’t want to hear him blab on, so he controlled the scene by talking shit about Jarrett’s look and gimmick.

Hauser’s aggressive approach in a ring filled with very evil pro wrestlers predictably led to violence. Sonjay Dutt put his hands on Hauser, who responded by smacking him in the face. Jay Lethal came in for a sucker punch on the Golden Globe Award winner, and Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar over Hauser’s head:

Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends came out for the save, but not before the heels ran off with Hauser’s Golden Globe Award in their possession. It looks to me like the door is open for this angle with Hauser to continue at some point down the line.

Do you think Paul Walter Hauser delivered an award-winning performance on Rampage, Cagesiders?

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