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CM Punk takes a shot at AEW after winning award

Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s awards issue is out, and AEW World Champion MJF was the recipient of two very notable awards: “Most Hated Wrestler of the Year” and “Feud of the Year” for his rivalry with CM Punk.

MJF took to social media to celebrate his new hardware. In a picture he posted on Instagram, MJF put a piece of tape over Punk’s name on the “Feud of the Year” award plaque.

Punk responded with the following comment, taking a shot at AEW’s ratings:

AEW Dynamite’s ratings fared very well this week, so CM may have been referring to the clear overall trend of lower AEW ratings ever since he was removed from television in September following a media scrum tirade and backstage fight with The Elite at All Out 2022.

The mere fact that Punk is even chiming in here will no doubt feed the flames of the folks who think he and AEW are back on the same page, this is now a work, and he’ll be back once his current injuries are healed.

Then again, CM’s response might also feed the flames of the folks who think he is using another shoot reminder of his business value to convince Tony Khan to bring him back to television.

I have also been kindly reminded of a third scenario by the fine folks of the Cageside community that it might simply be a case of CM Punk just being a dick.

Either way, this kind of Punk social media activity is now a weekly thing to kick off 2023, and he’s receiving a lot of attention as a result. That’s probably good for his business regardless of whether this is now a shoot or a work.

Let us know your best guess in the comments below as to why CM Punk took this shot at AEW, Cagesiders.

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