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Here’s Max Caster botching his AEW rap and needing a do-over to rip on WWE

The spoilers for tomorrow night’s (Jan. 13) episode of Rampage included a note about Max Caster botching his entrance rap and needing a do-over.

You can check out the following video to see what happened. Caster appears to draw a blank on his line, says “Let’s do it again,” and then hurries to the back. The Los Angeles crowd doesn’t hesitate to tell Caster that he fucked up:

Caster’s botch will likely be edited out of tomorrow night’s broadcast. However, he did come through on the do-over, which included a “blood money” line referring to this week’s big rumor of WWE potentially being sold to Saudi Arabia:

In this case, Max was lucky that his botch happened on an episode of Rampage rather than a live episode of Dynamite. Thanks to the magic of taped television, many fans will have no idea that Max screwed up.

What’s your reaction to Caster’s botch and latest WWE trash talk, Cagesiders?

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