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MJF roasted Ken Jeong & Freddie Prinze, Jr. on Dynamite in L.A.

To remind us that Bryan Danielson vs. Konosuke Takeshita wasn’t one of the “meaningless” matches Tony Khan gets criticized for, and because they weren’t not going to give their Generational Talent World champion a live microphone while in Los Angeles — Maxwell Jacob Friedman cut off Takeshita, had production cut his music, and did one of the things he does best.

First MJF got the Kia Forum crowd even more behind Konosuke than they already were, telling the rising Japanese star he’s never watched one of his matches, and channeling internet punching bag Disco Inferno by telling him that he’ll need to “speak American” if wants to get anywhere in this business.

Takeshita got a big pop for telling Max (and by extension, Glenn Gilbertti) to kiss his ass, which gave referee Aubrey Edwards a reason to hold Konosuke back & tell him to save it for Danielson.

That gave MJF a chance to monologue some more. In round two, he took aim at the crowd (causing Excalibur to use one of his announce partner Taz’s gimmicks, calling the champ “Low Road Jones”). He specifically targeted a pair of celebrity superfans in the seats — Ken Jeong and Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“Speaking of irrelevant, we’ve got some celebrities in the house tonight. Ladies and gentlement, Ken Jeong’s here. You may remember Ken as Mr. Chow from The Hangover, yeah. Yeah! What was that, Ken, like 20 years ago? No no, but it’s okay, right? We can still see your hit comedy series on ABC, Dr. Ken. Oh wait, that’s right, we can’t — cause it got canceled!”

“Speaking of people I wish would get canceled, Freddie Prinze Jr. is in the house tonight... You may remember Freddie from She’s All That. I know I don’t because I was born in 1996 and unlike all of you, I’m not a dinosaur. The only thing I remember Freddie from is when he played a supporting role to a CGI talking dog. So to me Freddie, with all due respect, you ain’t nothing more than a Scooby-Dooby-Douchebag!”

Kind of funny, a little cringe, and designed to get everyone else involved cheered, this was the MJF experience in a nutshell. He finished his night’s work by selling how scared he is of Danielson by running away when the American Dragon’s music hit.

How do you think the segment went, former WWE creative team member, current podcast host, and aspiring wrestling promoter FPJ?

Let us know what you think. And catch up on highlights from the first episode of the new look Dynamite below. We’ve put all the YouTube videos AEW has released as of this morning in a playlist, and since they don’t release everything that way at the same time, we’ve got Twitter clips of the other big moments and matches below that.

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