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You’ll probably guess who won match 7 of The Elite/Death Triangle series

The expected outcome didn’t take away from a great couple months of Trios action, including a Ladder Match spectacle in Los Angeles that ended with Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks claiming gold on AEW Dynamite.

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A Dynamite chock full of great wrestling finished off with Escalera de la Muerte — the final match in the Best of Seven series between The Elite and Death Triangle for the AEW Trios championship.

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks fought back from a 3-1 deficit to bring the first “Game Seven” to the Los Angeles Forum since the Showtime Lakers defeated the Detroit Pistons to win the 1988 NBA title. Momentum wasn’t on Rey Fenix. Penta El Zero M & PAC’s side, but neither team started off looking scared or anxious in the ladder match.

Ladders were obviously going to be used as everyone was trying to be the first to pull down one of the belts hanging above the ring to win the match, the series, and the titles. But they were mostly used as weapons. Tables got a lot of use, too.

Amidst the big, extremely painful looking spots, this no disqualification affair also say Alex Abrahantes and Brandon Cutler get involved. That sequence ended with the Bastard cracking Omega’s hand with the hammer that’s been a fixture through much of this feud. That led to madness like Penta hitting Matt with a Fear Factor on a ladder draped between another and the ropes, and Omega nailing Fenix with One Winged Angel off the same set-up. PAC tried to make him pay for that with Black Arrow, but Kenny got his knees up on that.

From there, Omega was able to climb and get his mangled hands to free one of the straps.

Pretty much the result we expected from the time we knew The Elite would be back. But that didn’t take much away for the quality of wrestling, as the two teams delivered spectacle across two months and seven shows.

Match 1 (Full Gear) - Death Triangle wins thanks to Fenix’s use of the hammer
Match 2 (Nov. 23) - Death Triangle win to go up 2-0 after Penta uses the hammer
Match 3 (Nov. 30) - The Elite win to make the series 2-1 after Fenix prevents Penta from using the hammer
Match 4 (Dec. 14) - Death Triangle goes up 3-1 thanks to Penta’s use of the hammer
Match 5 (Dec. 21; No DQ) - The Elite win to make it 3-2 despite Fenix’s use of the hammer
Match 6 (Dec 28; Falls Count Anywhere) - The Elite win to tie the series at 3, lots of plunder, no hammer
Match 7 (Jan. 11; Ladder Match) - The Elite win when Kenny Omega pulls down a championship belt despite having his hand smashed by a hammer

Get complete results and coverage of everything from the Jan. 11 edition of Dynamite here.

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