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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Jan. 11, 2023): Escalera de la Muerte!

All Elite Wrestling

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

AEW returns to the Kia Forum in Los Angeles with a loaded show! The Elite/Death Triangle best-of-seven for the Trios titles comes down to a ladder match! Hangman Page is cleared and ready to rumble with Jon Moxley! Saraya and her no-longer-a-mystery partner Toni Storm take on Dr. Britt Baker & Women’s champ Jamie Hayter! Bryan Danielson’s quest for a shot at World champ MJF starts with Konosuke Takeshita! The dream team of Jungle Boy & HOOK go against Big Bill & Lee Moriarty! Words from Jericho Appreciation Society! And more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


I will bid farewell, sever the ties. Now your heart beats black with deception, you have been forsaken, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley

Right into the Frye/Takayama punches, Moxley backs him in the corner with elbows, whip across, big lariat, big boot connects and more rights from Page! Referee Paul Turner has to pull him aside, he charges right back in, duck a lariat and now they’re trading chops in the middle of the ring!

Jon with forearms, Adam fires right back on them, whip across, mat slam, Mox turns him around and chokes him in the turnbuckles. Up top, back rake, biting his back, superplex connects, cover... NOPE! Right into a cross armbar from there, into the back and forth, belly-to-belly suplex keeps Page in it, to the apron but Moxley blasts him into the barricade!

Back inside, big lariat... PAGE KICKS OUT! Moxley raining down forearms, unprotected, wrists clutched into stomps and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Moxley with a reverse chinlock, Page counters with a back suplex and lands a lariat that leaves both men down and out! Back and forth lariats, Hangman blasts Jon to the floor with a boot and hits the Orihara moonsault! Back in, Buckshot countered, Death Rider connects... HANGMAN PAGE KICKS OUT!

Overhead elbows from Mox, looking for the bulldog choke but he can’t get all of it so he goes back to the hammer-and-anvil elbows! Reverse chinlock, trying to suffocate him, shift to a piledriver... HANGMAN KICKS OUT AT ONE! Sleeper hold applied, Page fades but is able to reverse a follow-up into Deadeye!

Moxley uses his last gasp to stomp the back of Hangman’s head in with Blackout! Trading forearms from their knees and to their feet, short-arm headbutts stagger Page, Jon calls for it but Adam throws a rising headbutt! Trading wild palm strikes, chaotic punches, Mox is bleeding, Hangman off the ropes with a lariat!

From the apron, slingshot in...

“Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Buckshot.

Post-match, Moxley gets up and grabs the ref like he thinks the match is still happening and medics check on him to send us to break.

Back from commercial, commentary tells us that Dr. Sampson helped Jon Moxley to the back and they don’t want to speculate but they hope he’s okay.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and says he takes no pleasure in welcoming his next guest— ADAM COLE BAY BAY!

Cole gets on the mic and asks who’s ready for story time. He’s been thinking all day about what exactly he was gonna say when he came out here, and the best way to describe the conversation we’re about to have is this is a good news, bad news situation.

Starting with the good news, he has a whole new appreciation for not just pro wrestling, but his life. Since he was nine, all he’s ever wanted to do was be a pro wrestler and he’s got to do some awesome stuff, like be here for the best pro wrestling company, AEW, in Los Angeles.

It also made him realize how much he missed getting to be here. The past few months he was really banged up, had a shoulder torn to shreds, two back to back really serious head injuries, and he got scared. He was getting MRIs, had headaches and dizzy spells, if he was in a car for fifteen minutes he threw up.

The worst part was the sleep, laying with emotions and anxiety and he’d have to get up at four in the morning pacing, waking up and scaring Britt because he didn’t know what was happening to him. The thing is, none of us knew what was happening either, but so many of us were here for him.

Every day he’d read things like “I miss Adam Cole,” “I hope Adam Cole is recovering alright,” “I don’t care if Adam Cole never wrestles again, I just want him to be okay” and that meant the world to him. At the end of the day, pro wrestling is a give and take situation.

They give us everything they have and we show them appreciation. He gave us nothing for six months and we were still there for him and for that he’s eternally grateful.

But now for the bad news— it’s not for him. The bad news is for the AEW locker room, because Adam Cole is back! He’s not going anywhere! He thought for sure he was finished, but instead he’s standing here saying “No way, I ain’t done yet.” He’s been one of the best damn wrestlers on the planet for fifteen years, and he won’t stop until he’s the very best.

He’s accomplished lots of amazing things in AEW, but be real, Adam Cole hasn’t scratched the surface of what he’s capable of. He wants everybody in the building and at home to remember this day, the day the new Adam Cole is born, an Adam Cole who will make a promise.

No matter how long it takes, one man will be at the top of the mountain in AEW, and his name is Adam Cole, bay bay.

The Acclaimed cut a promo backstage.

They say they’re gonna be among some of the biggest names in show biz on Rampage, because the Hollywood Walk of Fame board of directors have unanimously voted to give them stars on the Walk of Fame and immortalize their scissors in concrete forever!

JungleHOOK (HOOK & “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry) vs. the Firm (“Big” Bill Morrissey & Lee Moriarty)

Perry and Moriarty to start, trading big overhand chops in the corner, Jack with a dropkick and a kip-up, putting Lee into the corner, tag to HOOK. Double whip, double elbow, short armscissors applied, Moriarty out, he eats a shoulder block, tag back to Jungle Boy.

Double whip, big hip toss into a dropkick, cover for two! Perry dives, Big Bill hoists him up but HOOK makes the save! Back inside, Lee lands a rising enzuigiri, corner forearm, tag to Morrissey! Taking Perry out on the floor, we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jungle Boy desperate for a tag, upkick to Moriarty and he gets it! HOOK in hot, lariat, clear the apron, northern lights suplex, Big Bill breaks it up! HOOK stands up to Morrissey, cradle grip, Bill blocking suplexes, corner body avalanche but Jack lands a gamengiri and follows it with a dropkick... EXPLODER SUPLEX ON THE BIG MAN FROM HOOK!

Lee with an O’Connor roll, only two, Perry with a schoolboy, same deal, Snare Trap, HOOK keeps Big Bill away... IT’S OVER!

JungleHOOK win by submission with Snare Trap from Jungle Boy on Lee Moriarty.

Orange Cassidy and Danhausen are interviewed by Renee Paquette backstage with Paul Walter Hauser.

He’s got a mystery box but he won’t open it until Rampage. Danhausen calls him Walterhausen and Paul thinks maybe they might be related. Paul checks in to make sure everything’s cool with Best Friends and they roll up to say everthing is cool and put hands in.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Renee Paquette is outside the Elite’s locker room talking up tonight’s final match in their best of seven.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his entrance after Konosuke Takeshita makes his.

He gets in the ring and on the mic and says he’s heard great things but he’s never seen Takeshita work even once and of course makes fun of his name, pronouncing it like “take a shit-a” and tells him not to shit his pants. Konosuke answers in Japanese, MJF berates him to “speak American” and Takeshita tells him to kiss his ass!

A shoving match breaks out and Max demands referee Aubrey Edwards get him out of the ring or he’ll be fined. He says he’s heard a rumor that he’s afraid of Bryan Danielson, afraid he can’t last an hour in the Iron Man, but everybody needs to ask their mom, their sister, or their skank girlfriend just how long MJF can last.

Unlike that nerd Danielson, he’s all about pinning shoulders on mats and banging rats. He points out Ken Jeong is in the house and mocks him for his show being off the air. Rival wrestling promoter Freddie Prinze, Jr. is here also and Friedman gives him the business, too, calling him a “Scooby Dooby Douchebag.”

Max says all our heroes suck, Danielson’s gonna let us all down tonight, and it’s all because he’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman and he’s better than you, etc.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Hot start, fast-paced, Danielson counters a Blue Thunder Driver and they stalemate! Collar and elbow, arm wringer, looking for an armbar takedown, Takeshita stays on his feet and reverses to a wristlock of his own. Bryan setting up the Romero Special, hook the nose, clutch the wrists, falling back into full extension!

Falling back to seated, adding the Dragon sleeper, Konosuke reverses into an inverted facelock and then to a Stretch Plum! Danielson to his feet, Takeshita with hard forearms, Bryan returns the favor with chops. Into the ropes, Dragon asks for more and Konosuke gives it to him!

Rolling solebutt, half-halch suplex for one, jockeying for position, Danielson gets the omoplata through some forearms but Takeshita gets a foot on the ropes and forces the break! Chest kicks, Bryan starts in on the running dropkicks, Konosuke gets the Blue Thunder Driver... SO CLOSE!

Takeshita with hard chops, whip to the corner, backflip up and over, Danielson hits the Axe Bomber! Trading chops, we go to break.

Back from commercial, Takeshita gets a deep nearfall and we see MJF watching backstage. Crashing to the floor, Danielson lands bad on his knee and Konosuke takes advantage with a sheerdrop brainbuster on the floor! Back inside, Bryan gets the LeBell Lock in the middle of the ring!

Takeshita struggling desperately, crawling, Danielson traps the other arm but he gets the ropes anyway! Chest kicks, Konosuke fires up and chops him in the throat! Trading forearms, Takeshita with a sliding knee, caught into overhead elbows, he powers up, fireman’s carry reversed... WHEELBARROW TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX FOR TWO!

Hanging onto the waistlock, Bryan with back elbows, elbow to the neck, German suplex, Danielson lands on his feet! Sidestep a charge, hit the Busaiku Knee... SO CLOSE! Stomping away, deathlock applied, slipping through...

Bryan Danielson wins by referee stoppage with the Regal Stretch.

Post-match, Danielson shakes Takeshita’s hand.

Juice Robinson is interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette.

He says she’s known him for a long time and he’s no thumb twiddler. He’s here to kick ass, take names, and win championships along the way, so he calls Darby Allin out for a match on Rampage.

Saraya & Toni Storm vs. Team DMD (Dr. Britt Baker, DMD & Jamie Hayter)

Hayter and Storm to start, collar and elbow, Toni breaks and shoves her into the ropes, firing off forearms! Jamie with a knee lift, big chops, Storm sends her to the floor and Saraya dives on her! Up on the apron, knee lifts, shoving her back, hard into the ropes!

Whip across, drop down trips her up, cover for two! Jamie suplexes both babyfaces at once after some back and forth, Toni knocks her down and puts boots to her! Whip across, Baker with the blind tag, tripping Storm up on the apron, spinning neckbreaker to the floor!

Hikaru Shida makes her way to ringside, kendo stick in hand, Saraya smashes Hayter’s face into the steps and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Saraya and Britt going at it, Lightning Spiral for two! Front chancery reversed, Baker sets her up for the Air Raid Crash, denied, running kick cuts her off! Tag to Storm, running hip attack, tornado DDT... NOPE! Trapping Toni in the corner, working her over, Britt with an Air Raid Crash off the top... NOT ENOUGH!

Stereo elbows, Haytbreaker connects, Saraya breaks it up! Match breaks down, Britt sends her to the floor, Toni with a go-behind German suplex, Storm Zero... BRITT BREAKS IT UP! Butterfly Falcon Arrow connects, Storm and Hayter going at it forearm for forearm!

Shida throws the kendo stick in, Britt uses it, Jamie takes advantage...

Team DMD win by pinfall with a lariat from Jamie Hayter on Toni Storm.

Post-match, Shida looks shocked that things went that way.

Commentary hypes up the next week of shows and we get a promo where Eddie Kingston and Ortiz bicker about their match against Kings of the Black Throne.

Jericho Appreciation Society make their entrance in matching shiny gold blazers.

Angelo Parker starts off, talking up how good they look and saying you might as well call LA their town, because they are the Saints of Los Angeles. Matt Menard follows it up, telling us that the fact that last week Jake Hager powerbombed Ricky Starks through a table makes his nipples hard.

Chris Jericho says you can boo all you want but it’s true and they’ve had a huge week. They invaded PWG Battle of Los Angeles a few days ago, and on Rampage on Friday, Anna and Tay are gonna kick Ruby and Willow’s ass in a street fight. But yes, the most important thing is that the Ricky Starks experiment is over.

Enter “Absolute” Ricky Starks and Action Andretti.

Starks says he’s looking at a bunch of idiots who couldn’t get the job done last week. Jericho tells Andretti to go back to the minor leagues, but he tells Chris to shut the hell up before he comes takes that baseball bat and shoves it up his ass. Daniel Garcia tells him not to disrespect Y2J like that, and Action mocks him for having Sammy Guevara as his new babysitter.

Sammy can’t even keep control of his own wife, how’s he supposed to babysit Garcia? He says Tay’s hands were between his legs last week, and Daniel says he remembers being a young wrestler but now that he’s a sports entertainer he’s on top of the world. Starks says it’s not about Count Suckula or Jazzhole 1 or Jazzhole 2, he wants Jericho to move aside for him.

He’s talking to Gilligan with the stupid hat. 6’5” dumb purple helmet-wearing idiot, he’s got a lot to say. He used to be a top collegiate athlete and now he’s the village idiot and that’s a shame, and he’s still got that dumb lisp. So next week he wants it to be Starks vs. Hager on Dynamite!

He likes this hat, but he wears lots of hats, and one of them says “undefeated MMA fighter” and he’s twice the size so he’s gonna slap Rick’s face off of his face! But Starks will do better, because he’s Absolute.

And so we go to break.

Death Triangle (Penta el Zero M, PAC, & Rey Fenix) (c) vs. the Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (AEW World Trios Championship Best of Seven Series Match Seven Ladder Match)

Don Callis is on commentary for this one, naturally.

All-out brawling at the jump, Nick ducks a Tiger feint from Fenix, Omega blasts Rey off the apron and gets into it with PAC, trading forearms! Lungblower from Penta, Matt meets him and hammers him with punches! Zero with a solebutt, Fear Factor blocked, back body drop sets up a superkick but Kenny cuts him off!

Rolling X-Factor from Nick, putting PAC on the apron, Penta with a wheelbarrow and the Bastard hits an Ace Crusher and Rey drops a splash on Jackson to close the segment! Using a ladder to beat on Kenny, Fenix with a tope con giro, Matt with a dropkick to the ladder and Nick hits a Sasuke Special!

Taking the ladder back inside, la casadora facebuster, Matt is isolated but back body drops PAC to the floor and hits a flip piledriver on Penta! Climbing, Rey springboards into an arm drag to take him down! Climbing the ladder, Omega pulls him down, Dragon suplex! Penta cuts Kenny over but eats a Dragon suplex himself!

Kenny knocks the ladder over and calls for the Terminator dive... PAC CUTS HIM OFF WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK AND A KIP-UP! Float over a brainbuster, Dragon suplex for the Bastard! Off the ropes, tope con girol... NOBODY HOME AND KENNY GOES THROUGH A TABLE! MATT PUTS PAC THROUGH A TABLE AND WE GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Fenix gets back body dropped to the floor and Nick runs up a ladder to dive on him! Penta leans a ladder in, Matt floats over a suplex and back body drops him onto his own ladder! Lifting the ladder, Zero with kicks, Fenix springboard Frankensteiner puts Nick hard into the ladder Penta had just been on!

PAC stomping Kenny’s hands in a ladder, a bunch of back and forth, my computer jams up for a minute but Nick Jackson hits a 450 splash to the floor through a table to take Penta out! Fenix tries to keep Matt from climbing and Alex Abrahantes runs in and knocks the ladder over! Brandon Cutler sprays him with the freezing spray and Omega drops him with a V-Trigger!

The Bastard smashes Kenny’s hand with the hammer, takes him to teh floor, Falcon Arrow on the floor! PAC climbing the ladder, Matt on the other side, trading punches, Lucha Brothers set a ladder to bridge that ladder and the ropes! Penta coming after Jackson from behind, calling for it... FEAR FACTOR INTO THE LADDER!

Omega climbs to meet Fenix atop the ladder, jockeying for position... ONE-WINGED ANGEL OFF THE LADDER! BLACK ARROW BUT KENNY GOT THE KNEES UP! OMEGA CLIMBS, ONE-ARMED, REACHING, GASPING...

The Elite win the AEW World Trios Championship by retrieving the titles, going 4-3 in the best of seven series.

They celebrate.

That’s the show, folks.

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