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Danhausen has demands for AEW after ranking as #1 merch seller for 2022

Danhausen is hitting the pay window. No, it’s not from winning matches in AEW. Danhausen has been very nice and very evil in a different category. Pro Wrestling Tees announced the top merchandise sellers for 2022, and Danhausen heads the list.

Danhausen ranks #1, followed by CM Punk and MJF in the top three.

If you’re curious, Pro Wrestling Tees also listed the top 10 without AEW talent included. Ric Flair, Scott Hall, and Bret Hart took the top spots.

Danhausen reacted with a list of demands for AEW. Being as Danhausen has become Mr. Money Bags, more television time is on order. Money is power, and Danhausen has the power.

Danhausen requested to be featured on the side of productions trucks, billboards, the opening montages for Dynamite and Rampage, commercials, and live microphones on TV. Danhausen is no longer a jester or mascot. He is the king of AEW.

Let’s hope Tony Khan can use his connections to spend those AEW earnings to put Danhausen’s face on the Super Bowl blimp.

Love that Danhausen.

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