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It sounds like Christian Cage also needs surgery and will be out of action for a while

All Elite Wrestling

Christian Cage’s extremely fast victory over Jungle Boy at All Out 2022 left a lot of pro wrestling fans scratching their heads. Their feud had been brewing for months, but what we got on pay-per-view seemed much more apt for a television angle than a fight worth paying money to see.

In the aftermath of the event, the rumor mill indicated their match was kept short due to a serious injury that Christian was dealing with. On last night’s (Sept. 7) episode of Dynamite, Jungle Boy then cut a promo that revealed Christian needs surgery and will be out of action:

“Christian Cage, the only thing that you’ve done is prolong the inevitable. So go get your little surgery, and when you are back at 100%, I’m not just going to beat you. I’m going to take years off of your miserable life.”

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer followed up on this news by suggesting Christian could have the same exact injury and recovery timetable as CM Punk:

“And his injury may be the exact same injury as Punk. So we’re talking again...six to nine months of being out.”

If it’s true that Christian will be unable to compete for at least six months, then this detail raises questions about Tony Khan’s booking logic at All Out in having Christian beat Boy. There’s an alternate reality where Boy wins that match and is the one who is responsible for Christian’s injury and absence from AEW. Instead, an injured Christian won the match, and AEW is banking on their feud still being hot when he returns sometime down the line. That might be difficult to pull off, unless the plan is for Christian to remain in an antagonistic on-screen role while recovering from surgery.

With this injury news in mind, what do you make of Tony Khan’s booking decision in the match between Jungle Boy and Christian at All Out?

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