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These alleged accounts of the All Out brawl from CM Punk & The Elite’s camps are hilariously one-sided

BTE’s YouTube

Over the past couple nights, Fightful Select has published accounts of the fight which took place backstage at Now Arena in the early morning hours of Mon., Sept. 5. The descriptions of what happened between CM Punk & Ace Steel and The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega backstage after Punk’s fiery speech at the All Out media scrum come from people “close to” the men on each side of the brawl.

But you don’t need me to tell you that. Because when you read them, it’s very clear who’s camp is telling the story (Fightful specifies neither account is necessarily from the men in the fight).

In the Punk/Steel version, The Young Bucks went to Punk’s locker room after he finished at the presser. He didn’t answer when they knocked, as he was wiped out from his match with Jon Moxley during the PPV and the “emotional” scrum. So Matt & Nick Jackson pounded on the door, and eventually “kicked the door down.” Ace’s wife was in the room. According to Wrestling Observer, Mrs. Steel has a broken foot and was watching Punk’s dog Larry (who will be a key figure in the other side’s account). Concern for his wife is what set Steel off, reportedly throwing a chair at Nick and biting Kenny Omega.

Interestingly, Fightful’s write-up of this side does say that Omega was initially calm until things got out of hand. The entire scene was “very long,” and included a heated verbal exchange even after the men were physically separated.

In the Elite version, The Bucks went to talk to Punk, “just like he told them to” (he’s said some variation of “if you have a problem with me, I’m not hard to find” on multiple occasions). They didn’t barge in, but as soon as they entered the room, before anyone said a word, Punk threw punches aimed for Matt Jackson’s head. Nick tried to intervene, which is when Steel threw the chair at him, hitting the younger Buck in the head.

Omega is also calm in this account, and was said to primarily be worried about Larry, who was agitated and barking. Kenny took Punk’s dog out of the room and tried to get Steel off of Nick, which is when Ace pulled his hair and bit him. This telling of events agrees that the war of words continued after the violence ended, but claims Punk repeatedly threatened legal action during the shouting portion of the fight.

Now, this is a very serious matter, and I don’t envy Tony Khan & team figuring it out. The truth will almost certainly end up being somewhere in the middle.

It’s also not surprising that allies of the men involved would look to disseminate a version that’s very favorable to their friends. That doesn’t mean it’s not funny, though.

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