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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Sept. 6, 2022): All Out fallout

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s show comes our way from KeyBank Center in Buffalo. There’s not much announced as of this writing, probably because of you know what. But we do know we’ll hear from the recently returned Maxwell Jacob Friedman, see Wheeler Yuta defend his ROH Pure title against Daniel Garcia, and get a trios match between Death Triangle & Best Friends. Plus whatever fallout from Sunday’s All Out PPV that doesn’t include new World champ CM Punk and new Trios champs The Elite!!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


It was springtime, the minutes simply drifting away, then everything stopped in the world, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

We get a recap of Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s return as the Joker and the Tony Khan voicemail explaining the hows and whys of how they came to the deal.

Tony Khan cuts a promo backstage.

He says after All Out he’s been forced to vacate the AEW World Championship and World Trios Championships, and new trios champs will be crowned between Best Friends and Desth Triangle in our opening match, and the world title will be filled with a Grand Slam Tournament of Champions concluding at Grand Slam on Sept. 21.

He promises a great night of pro wrestling and says AEW will be at their best the next couple weeks.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his entrance.

He says he loves Buffalo, New York and talks up a local sporting man before getting down to brass tacks. Last time we saw him, he might have said some offensive stuff, but he thinks we can all agree he didn’t mean it and he was just kidding. He loves AEW! He’ll never leave this place!

He has to address the big fat smelly oaf in the room, and the world title has been vacated and a tournament of champions announced to crown a new one, and if there’s one thing we can agree on, he knows one guy who deserves that title. But he works smart not hard, so he’s not doing the tournament because he’s got a chip that guarantees a title shot any damn time he wants.

And Tony’s also paying him a boatload of freakin’ money! But hear him out, if you think we’re in dark times, we’re not, and he can’t think of a person more trustworthy than a wise Jewish man whose name started with an M who split the sea and lead his people to the promised land, and he’s not saying he’s Moses, he’s saying he’s better than Moses.

His name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and he’s better than you and you know it.

Enter Jon Moxley.

He gets in the ring and tells MJF that he’s absolutely full of crap. Max asks if he thinks he’s not being sincere in front of all these grotesque lard-asses? He doesn’t know if Jon’s a little woozy after going to sleep on Sunday but maybe he’s got a point.

Maybe he doesn’t care about AEW or these people and maybe he just looks at the world title as a bargaining chip that he can use for the bidding war of 2024, maybe he can take it to a real wrestling company, take it to his friend and mentor Cody Rhodes and maybe he can work for a real boss, the only Khan in wrestling worth a damn, jolly ol’ saint Nick.

To quote his personal hero The Game, that’s what’s best for business. Mox says now isn’t the time and Friedman needs to leave the ring before he makes him leave. Max tries to take his shirt off and gets stuck at the wrist before deciding discretion is the better part of valor.

Moxley tells him his theme music sucks as a parting shot.

Jon continues and says he’s pissed off and embarrassed and standing here without the AEW World Championship, the only material possession in the world that matters to him. But the belt is just metal and leather and you can buy one yourself, but what matters to him is what the title represents.

And the title represents passion for this sport, for this business, for the vision they had to show the world just what wrestling could be, to take the dark and ugly side of the business and let it die with another generation, to represent the freedom to be as great as you’re willing to dare to be, to be better than you were the day before, even if just by a little.

But the fact remains on Sunday, he lost and that’s on him. He got pinned, that’s on him. He was supposed to be on vacation right now, but here’s another chance to take another shot when the game’s on the line, and it’s a hell of a big rock to push to the top of the hill again.

Chris Jericho, the greatest of all time. Bryan Danielson, a better wrestler than he’ll ever be. Darby Allin, Hangman Page, Sammy Guevara, all younger and faster than him. But winners always want the ball when the game is on the line, and he wants the ball. This isn’t just winning time right now, this is time to be a legend.

Commentary hypes up the rest of the show.

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, & Trent Beretta) vs. Death Triangle (PAC, Penta el Zero M, & Rey Fenix) (AEW World Trios Championship)

Cassidy and Zero to start, trading taunts, action starts up and quickly breaks down with everybody popping in and doing spots. Death Triangle stand tall but Best Friends slide in and back body drop them to the floor! Rocket Launcher sends Orange to the floor to wipe them out and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Beretta on the back foot, Cassidy in and PAC puts boots to him, Danhausen up on the apron and Alex Abrahantes pulls him down and gets cursed! He shrugs it off and throws the Cero Miedo up but Danhausen punches him in the ballshausen!

The Bastard comes arond and kicks Danhausen down, Orange dives on him, back inside, diving crossbody! Off the ropes, satellite DDT... NOPE! Shift to Chuck and Penta, Fenix joining in but Taylor stacks ‘em up with a belly-to-belly in the corner! To the corner, Zero with the lungblower, wheelbarrow assisted splash... STILL NO!

Sole Food connects and Chuck tags Beretta in! Sole Food / half nelson suplex combination, snap zoom hug, whip-assisted elbow sets up a tornado DDT! Rey pops up with an Ace Crusher, Taylor nails him with a knee and we go into some “everybody do something cool” territory!

Made in Penta connects, Busaiku Knee, duck the Tiger Feint, superkicks reverse the Dudebuster into a flip piledriver... NOT ENOUGH! Chuck cuts Rey off, Orange Punch sets Penta up, stereo Awful Waffle and Dudebuster... CANNOT KEEP DEATH TRIANGLE DOWN!

Best Friends run into a superkick party, triplicate flip piledrivers connect! Penta gets Chuck up, Fenix with the stomp and a tornillo, Penta with a tope con giro, PAC is legal and up top...

Death Triangle win by pinfall with Black Arrow from PAC on Chuck Taylor, winning the AEW World Trios Championship.

Dark Order are interviewed backstage.

Jose the Assistant interrupts with a contract for Preston Vance and Evil Uno and John Silver tell him to hit the bricks.

Andrade el Idolo and Rush roll up and Andrade says he wants to speak to Vance personally and leaves him with a crutch to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of the interim women’s title match and footage of Britt Baker trying to apologize to her after.

Penelope Ford vs. Toni Storm

Ford with a headlock takeover, headscissors reversal, kip-up out of it, schoolboy pin for one. Headlock takeover from Storm, headscissors reversal, headstand escape, back to a headlock of her own! Off the ropes, shoulder blocks, dropkick sends Penelope crashing into the corner!

Ford ducks the hip attack but eats a dropkick through the ropes! Tripping Storm face-first into the steps, back inside and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Ford in control, straight suplex for two. Storm sidesteps the handspring and Penelope goes shoulder-first into the post! Elbows, off the ropes, shoulder block, a boot, charging uppercut stacks her up for the hip attack!

Toni reverses a northern lights suplex into a pin...

Toni Storm wins by pinfall.

We get a dueling promos package between 2.0 on one hand and Action Bronson and HOOK on the other.

The Acclaimed make their entrance but Max Caster’s rap gets cut off by Shane Strickland’s entrance.

He’s got a joke for us, “the Acclaimed as AEW tag champions”

Billy Gunn cuts him off and says he doesn’t know if he’s listening or not but this ain’t his house no more, this is Daddy Ass’s house. Anthony Bowens adds that in two weeks it’ll be the rematch and your uncrowned champs are taking home gold, because everyone loves the Acclaimed.

He then scissors Daddy Ass and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Chris Jericho and some of his pals are interviewed.

He talks up his gigantic win over Bryan Danielson and says he’s better than ever. 400 years ago Ponce de Leon went looking for the fountain of youth, but in 2022 Corazon de Leon found it and he’s drinking it in, man. He’s the best wrestler ever, the best sports entertainer ever, the Bee Wee Bee Cee.

He’s gonna win the title back because this is his title, his company, and his locker room, and nobody is ever taking that away, ever. And when it comes to the Jericho Appreciation Society, he’s got two little brothers, and Sammy Guevara is taking on Darby Allin in the tournament on Friday.

Sammy says he’s gonna win and Chris adds that we don’t like turtles, before moving onto his other little brother, Daniel Garcia, who he knows is gonna beat Wheeler YUTA for the Pure title tonight, but he’s gonna have to do it alone.

Tony Nese vs. Wardlow (c) (AEW TNT Championship)

This is all Wardlow right from the jump...

Wardlow wins by pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony to retain the AEW TNT Championship.

Post-match, Mr. Mayhem goes for another powerbomb but “Smart” Mark Sterling pops up on the apron so he pulls him inside to powerbomb him, but Josh Woods makes the save!

Wardlow gets on the mic and says he’s been hearing that he lost it, that the momentum’s gone, that he should do this and that, well Wardlow is the TNT Champion and it’s time for him to remind everyone in that locker room and in this business and all of his fans that this is Wardlow’s World.

We get a promo from Darby Allin building his tournament match against Sammy Guevara.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson (AEW World Championship Tournament Dynamite Wildcard Match)

Collar and elbow, Danielson with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, test of strength, Bryan with a wristlock, Page rolls through and reverses. Dragon looking for a trip, reversed, Hangman into the corner and Danielson breaks dirty with a double chop before bailing to the floor!

Back in, headlock, shot off, trading chops, Bryan with the Romero Special stomp to the knees and then chest kicks and chops in the corner! Adam turns him around, chops and forearms! Triangle lariat sends Danielson to the floor, but Bryan puts him arm-first into the post and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Danielson stomps the elbow, another one, kick to the spine, grabbing his wrist and drawing him up, they trade chops! Bryan closing with chest kicks, whip reversed, backflip up and over, off the ropes, duck a lariat, crossbody countered into a fallaway slam!

Kip-up, Hangman trying to put a rally together, plancha connects! Back inside, corner lariat, fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver... DANIELSON KICKS OUT! Looking for Deadeye, Bryan reverses to a pin, no dice! Drop toehold into the corner, chest kick sets up the running corner dropkicks!

Frankensteiner, buzzsaw roundhouse... SO CLOSE! More chest kicks, targeting the injured bicep, the buzzsaw finale, up top but Hangman cuts him off! Jockeying for position... AVALANCHE MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM FOR A DEEP TWO! Adam goes to the apron, but Dragon rolls to the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial, both men trading vicious chops, Danielson shifts to uppercuts, backslide, roll through, duck under, German suplex, Hangman lands on his feet, pop-up Last Ride... NOPE! Page puts him up in the corner and climbs to meet him, Dragon slips under and crotches him!

Tree of Woe, kicks to the arm, baseball slide, overhead elbows in the turnbuckles, the back superplex is your five minute warning! A little back and forth, the LeBell Lock applied, catapult to counter! Back in, Danielson Special! Shifting back from the armbar, trying for the LeBell Lock again but Page reverses!

Falling knees to the shoulder, trading rolling elbows, Bryan ducks under but gets caught on the charge with Deadeye... STILL NO! A miscalculation leads to a Busaiku Knee square on the nose but Hangman rolls out of the ring! Danielson off the ropes, suicide dive blocked and Page powerbombs him into the apron!

Orihara moonsault follows, throwing Dragon back inside, duck the Buckshot, O’Connor roll, bridging...

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson wins by pinfall with a bridging O’Connor roll.

We get a video package for Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage and go to break.

Back from commercial, Stokely Hathaway and his family (“All Ego” Ethan Page, Austin and Colten Gunn, Lee Moriarty, and W Morrissey) and cuts a promo about his ladder match “victory” when a crew member rolls up to tell them they’re low on time and to cut it.

Stoke demands the respect he’d give his father and drops the guy with a mic shot! His boys beat the poor guy down and the Ass Boys lift him up for a big boot from Morrissey!

We get a promo for Claudio Castagnoli vs. Dax Harwood on Rampage.

“Red Death” Daniel Garcia vs. Wheeler YUTA (c) (ROH Pure Championship)

Collar and elbow, Garcia with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, YUTA with a single leg into a toehold, wrenching it in, Daniel rolls through and rides him but Wheeler pops up and backs him into the corner for a double chop! Collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, spilling through the ropes and to the floor!

Back in and we go to break!

Back from commercial, trading chops, YUTA with a snap suplex, kneeling on Garcia’s neck, cover for one. Daniel tossing him, corner lariat, Saito suplex, big falling lariat... NOPE! Double leg, looking for the Sharpshooter, Wheeler counters to a pin, out and back in, big German suplex!

Hanging onto the waistlock, rolling Germans ensue, Daniel with a standing switch and rolling German suplexes of his own! YUTA turns him around for some more Germans of his own, Garcia gets some more, the Germans keep coming until both men are down and out and we go to break.

Back from commercial, both men are down and out as referee Paul Turner issues a standing ten-count! Back on their knees, trading palm strikes, a little Bati-Bati, to their feet, Garcia gets the better of the exchange! Wheeler beats a ten count of his own, Daniel right in there with a double leg, Dragontamer is on in the middle of the ring!

Chris Jericho is backstage cheering his man on as YUTA crawls to the ropes and burns a rope break to get out of the hold! Big right hand from Wheeler with a closed fist and he gets a warning! Drawing Daniel up, he rolls through, Dragontamer in the middle of the ring!

He reverses with a headlock, arm-trap crossface but Garcia posts up on his knees! YUTA shifts, seatbelt pin... NOT ENOUGH! Wheeler with a double leg, Red Death throws him off and puts the Dragontamer back in, bending all the way back and YUTA counters into a Muta Lock!

But it’s not enough...

Daniel Garcia wins by submission with the Dragontamer to win the ROH Pure Championship.

Post-match, Bryan Danielson comes to the ring and YUTA shoves him aside like “I got this” and he shakes Garcia’s hand. Danielson yanks the belt away from Garcia and puts it around his waist! He raises Daniel’s hand and Chris Jericho comes down, jaw slack and generally agog.

That’s the show, folks.

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