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Of course Bobby Fish wants to fight CM Punk

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All Elite Wrestling

Bobby Fish did not have his AEW contract renewed. He confirmed that on the latest edition of his The Undisputed podcast... where he also invited CM Punk to fight him.

Hey, the man’s a free agent, and worker’s gonna work. Why not by offering up a fun soundbite that ties into the All Out backstage brawl everyone is talking about?

“Let’s just make this a formal invitation to Phil [Brooks, Punk’s legal name]. I’m down, if that’s the direction he wants to go and I mean, he can pick the time, the place, we can do it in Chicago...

“I mean that [fighting Punk] would be kind of fun, right? It can be boxing, it could be kickboxing, it can be MMA. I mean, we can do this bare-knuckled, whatever sounds good to Phil. He can pick the weight, he can pick the place, like I said, whatever he wants to do but yeah, let’s make it official...

“Phil, let’s fucking go! I think that’s how someone else would say it. CM Punk, Bobby Fish, let’s fight, why not?”

Fish has an amateur kickboxing background, and would probably be a better match-up for Punk than either of the men he fought in UFC. It’ll never happen, but it’s fun to think about — and it got Bobby Fish’s name in the headlines today.

As for the fight that’s had Punk’s name in the headlines, Fish only commented that The Young Bucks are “good people” that he “loves,” and that he’s known Ace Steel for a long time and was surprised to hear about Steel allegedly throwing a chair at Nick Jackson and biting Kenny Omega.

Check out the latest episode of The Undisputed here.

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