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AEW All Out 2022 results, live streaming match coverage

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All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sun., Sept. 4, 2022) with All Out. The show comes our way from Now Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

A pre-show, Zero Hour, will stream live and free starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern / 4:00 p.m. Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel and Bleacher Report.

In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at Bleacher Report, and via cable & satellite providers for $49.99. Internationally, it’s $19.99 on

We’ve got predictions from the staff for every match here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of All Out below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Three letter groups listening in on you, under surveillance courtesy of Big Brother in your car, drones monitor each and every move you make, it doesn’t matter who you know or who you think you are, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

I turn Zero Hour on and I see Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo sucking face shortly before getting run down by Ortiz and Ruby Soho in a golf cart! Brawling on the floor, they fight to the ring...

Ortiz & Ruby Soho vs. Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo (c) (AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship)

Into the ring, we get a bell, Soho pops Guevara with a DDT and Ortiz follows it up with a Death Valley Driver! Ruby off the ropes... HEADSCISSORS DRIVER CAN’T KEEP SAMMY DOWN! Soho ends up on the wrong side of a kick from Melo, more sucking face, Ortiz and Sammy going back and forth, little hip swivel from Angel, inverted suplex connects but a follow-up from Soho gets cut off by Tay!

Big back elbow from Guevara, off the ropes, flip piledriver from Melo! Sammy perches over Ruby, senton atomico... ORTIZ RAKES THE EYES TO KICK OUT! Anna Jay runs in, Ruby takes her out, Tay catches her in the Gory Special, Guevara has Ortiz in the backbreaker rack but they waste time smooching, double pins on the champions... NOPE!

Ortiz with a Cactus Clothesline to Sammy, Ruby up top, Melo cuts her off with an elbow, jockeying for position... SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP AND TO THE FLOOR TAY MELO! Throwing Soho back in, she blocks a front kick, throws a knee, off the ropes, Anna Jay is there to trip her up!

Ruby charges in, Tay with a buckle bomb, Gory Special, Sammy holding Ortiz back...

Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo win by pinfall with a Tay-KO from Melo on Ruby Soho to retain the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship.

“Cool Hand” Angelo Parker vs. HOOK (c) (FTW Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Parker grinds HOOK in the ropes but he turns around and grabs a hammerlock. Hanging on through a reversal attempt, trip the leg, front chancery, Angelo tries and fails to throw him out of the ring! Side headlock, go-behind, hammerlock, headlock takeover and Parker gets the ropes!

Matt Menard running interference, Cool Hand with a cheap punch to the eye! Working HOOK’s eye, scraping it into the mat, punching it, snap suplex, cover with a knee on the eye! Body blows from the champion, punch to the eye cuts him off, stomp the hand, HOOK cuts him off with a headbutt but has to stomp Daddy Magic away!

Parker squares up, judo throw from the champ, another one, cradle suplex connects! Body blows, backing Angelo into the corner, a desperate right to the eye backs HOOK off but he’s able to T-Bone suplex him into the corner! Parker with a vertical suplex lift, HOOK slips out, Redrum isn’t even all the way in and Angelo taps!

HOOK wins by submission with Redrum to retain the FTW Championship.

Post-match, Matt Menard blindsides HOOK and puts boots to him in the corner!

Action Bronson jumps the barricade and makes the save from the crowd, throwing Menard out of the ring and dropping Parker with a waistlock takeover!

PAC (c) vs. Kip Sabian (AEW All-Atlantic Championship)

Collar and elbow, into the ropes, clean break, snapmare from PAC, Sabian off the ropes with a boot and he puts boots to the Bastard in the corner! Big senton, up in the turnbuckles and jockeying for position, PAC shoves him down, up and over, back body drop to the apron, duck a backfist, triangle enzuigiri puts the champion down on the floor!

Kip slingshots, stops short to fake PAC out, he goes back inside and beckons him, low bridge, Arabian press Asai Moonsault! PAC turns things around, throwing him back in, putting boots to Sabian, choking him in the ropes! Kip throwing forearms, the Bastard wants more and gets them and then drops him with a bunch of his own!

Sabian with a Dragon suplex, PAC blasts him with the rebound German suplex, he goes up top but Kip rolls out of range of the Black Arrow! Sabian catches him with a slingshot brainbuster, crossleg Michinoku Driver... THE BASTARD KICKS OUT! Dropping Kip with an elbow, putting boots to him, up top...

PAC wins by pinfall with the Black Arrow, retaining the AEW All-Atlantic Championship.

Post-match, Tony Schiavone interviews PAC on the stage.

The Bastard explains exactly what he’s looking for—

Orange Cassidy is here!

PAC says we’ve been here before and Orange knows exactly how that ended. He’s not a wrestler, he’s a joke, and he tells Cassidy to get to the back of the line!

We cut to Kip Sabian, who’s still in the ring, screaming at the box he wears on his head.

Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Collar and elbow, breaking almost immediately, back at it, Kingston shoves him away! Back into it, again Eddie gets the better of him and Ishii throws a chop! The straps come down, Kingston throws another chop and they go at it, chop for chop square in the middle of the ring!

Throwing hard, chests going red, neither man giving an inch! Tom roars and they go back into it, Eddie roars, double chop and both men are down! Back on their feet, back to throwing chops and they hit each other so hard they end up in corners!

Yet more chops, Ishii throwing alternating forearms in there in the corner, back and forth, Tom lands a suplex! Ishii sidesteps, but Eddie gets him in the corner for the machine gun chops! Butterfly suplex, DDT, King’s putting it together, nearfall!

Eddie throwing hands, Tom with a shoulder block, Saito suplex, cover... NOPE! Kingston fires up, rises to his feet, trading slaps to the face all Bati-Bati, Ishii staggers him, Eddie goes for a lariat but his shoulder gives out! Hammerfist to the arm, he was playing possum, trading German suplex for Backdrop driver, Tom staggers him with a lariat!

A return lariat from Eddie and both men are down and out! Both slow to rise, Tom drops him with a forearm, Kingston back to his feet, neckbreaker drop! Tenryu Powerbomb... HE CAN’T KEEP ISHII DOWN! Duck a lariat, half nelson suplex, Tom rolls through and charges, Eddie drops him with a lariat!

Eddie starting to get frustrated, Ishii decks him with an enzuigiri, follows it up with a lariat... SO CLOSE! Kingston with an enzuigiri of his own, Tom uses the momentum for a rebound lariat... NOT ENOUGH! Drawing Eddie up again, looking for the brainbuster, reversed, catch the lariat... BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE! ISHII KICKS OUT AT THE LAST FRACTION OF A SECOND!

Kingston draws him up, back to trading slaps, headbutt for another backfist, headbutt, scoop lift...

Eddie Kingston wins by pinfall with a Northern Lights Bomb.

Andrade el Idolo vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Dante Martin vs. Penta el Zero M vs. Rey Fenix vs. Rush vs. Wheeler YUTA vs. ??? (Casino Ladder Match)

YUTA and Fenix to start here, trading chops and forearms, Rey leans a ladder in the aisle and takes Wheeler up top. YUTA blocks with elbows and shoves Fenix off the top and into the ladder! Wheeler off the ropes, suicide dive plants Rey and bounces him into the ladder! The countdown timer ticks...

Rush is out third!

YUTA sets up a ladder and Rush moseys down in time to cut him off and lean the ladder in the corner. Chops and forearms, El Toro Blanco belly-to-belly suplexes him into the ladder and cuts Fenix off with a headbutt! Off the ropes, tope con giro from Rush! Throwing Rey into the barricades, snapmare, whipping him with a camera cable as the countdown timer ticks...

Andrade el Idolo is out fourth!

La Faccion Ingobernable working together to wipe the babyfaces out, Andrade climbing the ladder for the big chip, Rush right there with him but Fenix and YUTA get in! Wheeler climbs with El Idolo and gets knocked down hard as the countdown timer ticks...

Claudio Castagnoli is out fifth.

Castagnoli gets under the ladder with Andrade on it, tips it over, it’s braced by the laadder sticking out of it but Claudio just keeps pushing and lifting and finally tips El Idolo out and to the floor! Castagnoli pops the ladder back into place as the countdown timer ticks...

Dante Martin is out sixth!

Running circles around Claudio and Fenix, who are on opposite sides of a ladder, Rey ends up on the floor, Martin puts Castagnoli there too, slingshot, YUTA in the ring setting a ladder up, Dante springboards back in and onto the ladder! Wheeler pulls Martin down, eats a dropkick, Dante climbs up Claudio to get to the ladder but Castagnoli goes to powerbomb him to the floor and both guys spill out of the ring as the countdown timer ticks...

Penta el Zero M is out seventh.

Penta with a flip piledriver to Martin on the ramp, Sling Blade to Rush, back body drop into a superkick for YUTA, Castagnoli meets him with an uppercut only to eat a lungblower! Back body drop puts Penta on the apron, Andrade meets him with a forearm and a chop, fireman’s carry, fighting onto a bridging ladder, Fenix takes Rush out!

PENTA EL ZERO M FLIP PILEDRIVER ON THE LADDER TO TAKE ANDRADE OUT! FENIX DIVES AND PUTS RUSH THROUGH A TABLE WITH A SPLASH! Blackpool Combat Club boys setting a ladder up, climbing, Dante’s back on his feet and he springboards onto Claudio, climbing past him! A masked man dumps the ladder over and he’s got a friend, both of whom put boots to Martin and YUTA! More masked men swarm the ring, one of them climbs the ladder and unhooks the chip...

IT’S STOKELY HATHAWAY! THE MASKED MEN ARE ETHAN PAGE, W MORRISEY, GUNN CLUB, AND LEE MORIARTY! The countdown timer ticks and Sympathy for the Devil starts playing! Stokely holds the chip up and grins! The Joker comes down, wearing a devil mask! He gets in the ring and Stoke gives him the chip!

Hathaway demands the music be cut and the Joker reaches for his mask... HE’S NOT UNMASKING!

The Joker wins the Casino Ladder Match.

“Hangman” Adam Page & Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. the Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Finals)

Page and Nick to start, collar and elbow, wristlock, reversed, hammerlock, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block! Off the ropes, leapfrog, handspring, stalemate! Handshake, tags to Matt and Reynolds, collar and elbow, side headlock, shot off, Alex catches himself, Silver had the blind tag and they put boots to Jackson together until Hangman comes in to warn them off!

Adam in, he wants Omega and he gets him! Quick tags, working Kenny over, Beavers get overeager again beating him down and Page intervenes, tagging back in. Whip across, big boot, fallaway slam, kip up! Match breaks down, Bucks get involved, Nick takes the Beavers out with a dive!

Matt with an elbow drop on Hangman, cover for two, carrying on working him over, Page gets away and the MEAT MAN is legal on Matt Jackson! Lariats, whip across, back body drop to the apron, Silver cuts him off with a gamengiri and takes Brandon Cutler out with a senton, kicks for Omega and Michael Nakazawa, Nick Jackson takes him out!

Silver recovers, Reynolds dives with him, assisted brainbuster! Off the ropes, big boot, Spin Doctor... OMEGA BREAKS THE COVER UP! Alex dumps Kenny out of the ring, match breaks down fast and furious, jackknife pin from Reynolds... NOT ENOUGH! Bucks holding court now, Omega takes John out with a V-Trigger!

Setting up the Terminator dive... TOPE CON GIRO! Matt clutches Reynolds, puts the imaginary cigarette out on his back but Alex ducks the powerbomb and the Buck takes the kicks! Lungblower from Alex, Orihara moonsault from Hangman, and the Dark Order boys have Jackson up, Pendulum Bomb... NICK JACKSON BREAKS THE PIN UP!

Nick with a corner knee, Reynolds takes him out with a superkick, superkicks all around from the two teams, lariats, superkicks and everybody is down and out! Referee Rick Knox admonishing Page and Omega for not being the legal men so they drag their partners in and make the tags!

Forehead-to-forehead, slugging it out, good friends and better enemies, big boot from Page! Uppercut from Omega, German suplex, V-Trigger, underhooks... JAY DRILLER CAN’T KEEP HANGMAN PAGE DOWN! Up in the turnbuckles, Adam with the avalanche fallaway slam... OMEGA KICKS OUT!

Northern Buckshot, Page is ready for another and Matt is right next to him, Jackson grabs the leg, Omega drops down, Nick hits Buckshot on Adam! BTE Trigger... REYNOLDS WITH THE SAVE! Kenny pulling himself together, finger gun, off the ropes... PAGE SLUMPS TO DUCK THE V-TRIGGER!

Silver with a Gamengiri, standing switch, Reynolds saves him from a superkick party, victory roll... SO CLOSE! Rolling elbow blocked with a V-Trigger, electric chair... THE MEAN MAN COUNTERS ONE-WINGED ANGEL INTO A SMALL PACKAGE FOR TWO! Back elbow, waistlock, Page with Buckshot but Kenny ducks and John eats the lariat instead...

The Elite win by pinfall with a lateral press from Kenny Omega on John Silver to become the inaugural AEW World Trios Champions.

Athena vs. Jade Cargill (c) (AEW TBS Championship)

Athena out the gates with the O-Face... NOT ENOUGH! Fighting with the Baddies on the floor, Jade with a slam and spear, still just two! Back and forth, Athena slips away, springboard crossbody for two! Back up top, O-Face blocked, Jaded blocked, drop toehold into a superkick!

Cargill floats over a suplex but eats a Stunner anyway, only two! Kiera Hogan running interference, Athena blocks a pump kick, O’Connor roll, no good, springboard and Jade destroys her with a front kick! Double chickenwings...

Jade Cargill wins by pinfall with Jaded to retain the AEW TBS Championship.

We get footage from earlier today of CM Punk and Ace Steel arriving at the arena and being interviewed.

Punk laughs off the idea of ever being 100% going into a fight and says Jon Moxley has an easy target in his left foot, but he’s not just fighting CM, he’s fighting the entire city of Chicago, and he might have beat him once, but he can’t do it twice.

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & Wardlow vs. Jay Lethal & Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

Wardlow and Lethal to start, Jay spits at him, arm wringer, side headlock, trying a leg pick, he gets it, spinning toeholds, Mr. Mayhem blocks, rolls through, he’s got the powerbomb but the Machine Guns run in! Tags to Sabin and Harwood, trading slaps, Shelley and Wheeler run in and the two teams square up and referee Bryce Remsburg admonishes them!

Dax with a headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, slide under, jabs and a hook from Harwood knock him down! Arm wringer into a short-arm lariat! Sonjay Dutt running away, Dax nearly gets caught, Sabin with an Ace Crusher! Alex legal, FTR cut him off and isolate him and work him over!

Wardlow in, MCMG in and he suplexes both of them! Dax tags in, Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, Sonjay runs interference, Lethal Injection blocked but kicks cut Harwood down and Shelley nearly pins him! Stomp to the elbow, tag to Chris, double whip, Manhattan Drop, basement dropkick, cravate dropkick... NOPE!

Lethal in, trading chops with Harwood, ramming Dax into the corner for triple teams! Cash in, countering a Shiranui into a Gory Bomb and the match breaks down! Alex with a boot up, basement dropkick, Lethal smashing Wheeler’s legs into the post and Sabin picks right up as Remsburg tries to restore order!

Jay with the figure four in, Cash can’t reverse the pressure but he does manage to get the ropes! Working him over, eventually he gets away, tags made and Wardlow destroys everybody! Big spinebusters for everybody, fired up, fireman’s carry into the F-10 on Lethal... NOT ENOUGH!

He gets caught up with Machine Guns, Satnam Singh with a cheap shot, Jay with a folding press... STILL NO! Blasting Mr. Mayhem with boots, Sabin dives on FTR, Shelley and Lethal set him in the Tree of Woe for baseball slides! Dragging Wardlow into position, Jay with the Macho Elbow... NOT HAPPENING!

The match breaks down, Dax with the slingshot powerbomb on Chris, Big Rig on Alex, Lethal Injection on FTR! Wardlow with a headbutt and a lariat and the straps are down! One powerbomb! Conducting the symphony, two powerbombs! Three, four...

FTR & Wardlow win by pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony from Wardlow on Jay Lethal.

Post-match, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, and Motor City Machine Guns surround the ring...

SAMOA JOE IS BACK AND HERE FOR THE SAVE! He blasts Singh with the ROH World Television Championship and throws Dutt in the ring as Dax Harwood’s eight-year-old daughter Finley runs down! She breaks Sonjay’s pencil her dad decks him with a right hand!

Finley with a one-foot pin and Bryce counts it...

Finley Harwood wins by pinfall with a one foot pin.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs

Hot out the gates, Hobbs clobbers him in the ropes, elbows and a straight suplex, Starks goes for a spear but Will sidesteps and his neck goes into the post! To the floor, Powerhouse puts him into the barricade, back inside, working Ricky over at length!

Starks back into it, lighting him up, sidestepping a backsplash, back elbow, tornado DDT connects... NOPE! Powerhouse overwhelms him...

Will Hobbs wins by pinfall with the spinebuster.

Swerve in Our Glory (“Limitless” Keith Lee & Shane “Swerve” Strickland) (c) vs. the Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Bowens and Strickland to start, waistlock takedowns from the challenger, Shane looking for a cross armbar, Anthony reverses, whip across, back roll, leg pick, Bowens counters with a pin for two! Upkick, handstand into a tijeras from Swerve, tag to Lee! Anthony runs away and tags Caster in!

Squaring up, go-behind, side headlock from Max, shot off, shoulder block, Keith is unmoved! Big hip toss, Caster lands on his feet, little shimmy and Lee gives him a polite round of applause! Off the ropes, roll over, leapfrog, drop down, Max catches himself in the ropes!

Caster with forearms and a dropkick, Lee biels him into the corner, boots up, diving Frankensteiner and Max is fired up! Sidestepping Grizzly Magnum, dropkicks from the challengers clearing house and sending the champs to the floor, Daddy Ass cheering them on!

Lee and Strickland talking strategy before returning to the ring, Caster offers Keith a handshake but the big man unloads on him with punches! Knee lift, freight train crossbody, tag to Swerve. Snapmare, off the second with a corkscrew uppercut, “mocking the whole scissor deal” to quote Taz.

Continuing to work Caster over, shoulder blocks to the kidneys, Max gets up and hits a diving Ace Crusher! Crawling for the tag, Bowens and Strickland legal! Ripcord Regal Cutter from Anthony, off the ropes, criss-cross, rolling elbow! Arm wringer into a sheerdrop brainbuster... NOPE!

Bowens with a boot up, he slips off the second when his knee gives out! Desperate superkick, front kick, hobbling off the ropes, Fameasser! Billy Gunn and the referee Stephon Smith checking on Anthony, Billy insists he’s fine and the match continues! Shaking life into his knee, Swerve passes him to the apron and Bowens’ leg gives out on him, crashing him to the floor!

Strickland with a baseball slide, Gunn gets in his face and they jaw at each other! Shane pressing the attack, back inside, stepping on Bowens’ ankle and dropping a knee, tagging Lee in, double-team shinbreaker! Dropping a knee across Anthony’s knee, keeping the pressure on, Stinger Splash, Grizzly Magnum!

Biel across the ring, Anthony fires up, fighting spirit, forearms boot up, kicks from the second, diving blockbuster! Hot tag to Caster, throwing his body into the champions, diving crossbody... ONLY TWO! Charging strikes on the Limitless One, Max tries to get him up and fails but he sidesteps the Pounce and Strickland crashes to the floor!

Chop block, Bowens with a knee... NOT ENOUGH! Headbutt sends Max to the floor, Anthony fighting, giving his best, Lee kicks his leg out of his leg! Keith up top, Caster jockeying for position with him, Bowens up there too, Strickland with a blind tag... DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! SWERVE OFF THE TOP WITH THE STOMP... ANTHONY BOWENS KICKS OUT!

Strickland stomps the injured knee, half crab, kneebar, stomping his head... CASTER BREAKS IT UP WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK! Max in, pick the leg, Swerve rolls him through, step-up heel kick for two! Holding Swerve off the apron, Caster off the top... MIC DROP TO THE FLOOR!

Anthony’s knee in a bad way, back inside and Lee cuts them off, Grizzly Magnum on Bowens! Billy Gunn gets on the apron and argues with Keith, giving Max a chance to get in with a superkick! Fireman’s carry on the Limitless One... DEATH! VALLEY! DRIVER!

Tag to Bowens, adrenaline raging, hobbling over, the Arrival connects, Caster off the top, Mic Drop... KEITH LEE BREAKS IT UP?! Anthony throws Keith out of the ring, Swerve hits a DVD on the apron to Caster, slapping at Bowens’ knee! Duck under, cradle backbreaker, Strickland off the ropes right into an elbow!

Blind tag from Lee, Anthony fighting them two-on-one and he ducks a roundhouse that Lee eats! Schoolboy on the big man... SO CLOSE! Shane up top, elbow to the back of the knee, hanging Square Hammer DDT on Swerve! Bowens off the ropes, Fameasser reversed...

Swerve in Our Glory win by pinfall with the Spirit Bomb / Swerve Stomp combination on Anthony Bowens to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, Daddy Ass gets in the ring and Keith holds out a scissors, and Gunn scissors him while Shane Strickland looks on mildly disgusted.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm (Interim AEW Women’s World Championship)

Team DMD taking a breather, Hayter in, dumping Shida, waistlock on Storm, O’Connor roll blocked, dropkick connects and Toni has the momentum! Uppercut, Baker pulls her out of the ring, Hikaru meets her with a right hand and pops in the ring! Rising knee on Jamie, Britt blocks mounted punches!

Shida slips out of an O’Connor roll, trading nearfall attempts all around! Side Russian legsweep from Baker, Shida rolls through, Britt hits Sling Blade, Storm in, Sling Blade for her too! Hikaru with a front kick on the doctor, scoop and a ribbreaker! Hayter with right hands and elbows, clubbing blows, double suplex on the babyfaces and then double lariats!

Whip across, Storm sidesteps, Hayter to the floor and she dives on her! Britt with a Sling Blade on the floor, Shida with a dropkick off the apron! Hikaru and Toni in the ring, back and forth, shoulder blocks and kip-ups! Trading forearms, Rebel gets between them and eats headbutts in stereo!

Team DMD working Storm over together, then they take Shida up to the stage and wail on her with a kendo stick... BAKER WITH THE STOMP! Hikaru is helped to the back while Team DMD work Toni over in the ring! Storm with a diving crossbody... NOPE! Front chancery on Jamie, Britt makes the save!

Baker with forearms, a mat slam, Shida comes back down with kendo sticks in hand! Wailing on Team DMD in the corner, mounted punches, snap suplexing Baker into Hayter! Jamie ducks Katana, overhand chop, question mark kick, Britt in with a superkick and the match breaks down! Rock Bottom backbreaker from Hayter, Hikaru gets her up but Britt rolls her up... STORM BREAKS IT UP!

Pairing off and trading forearms, whips, and knees! Shida into it with Hayter, Falcon Arrow... TONI BREAKS IT UP! German suplex on Hikaru, one for Baker as well, Jamie lifts her up, Tombstone Piledriver... SHIDA BREAKS THE PIN UP WITH METEORA INTO A NEARFALL THAT BRITT BREAKS UP! Rolling elbow, fisherman neckbreaker, stomp... HIKARU SHIDA KICKS OUT!

Glove on, but Toni dumps Britt out of the ring, Hayter sends Storm packing, lifting Hikaru up, ripcord... BAKER PULLS REFEREE PAUL TURNER OUT OF THE RING TO STOP THE COUNT! Hayter’s mad, Storm Zero takes herou, Britt cuts her off, lateral press... JAMIE KICKS OUT!

Storm with a big DDT on Baker, one for Hayter too...

Toni Storm wins by pinfall with an elevated DDT on Jamie Hayter to win the interim AEW Women’s World Championship.

We get a house ad for this year’s Full Gear, occuring on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Jungle Mom slaps Christian Cage in the chops during his entrance!

Luchasaurus comes out of the heel tunnel and goozles Jungle Boy... CHOKESLAM INTO THE HOT STEEL PYRO GRID!

Medics check on Jack but Luchasaurus comes down and fights them off, picking Perry up and carrying him to the ring, the marks on his back angry! Luchasaurus powerbombs him through the timekeeper’s table in front of Jungle Sister and Jungle Mom! Dino man throws Jack into the ring and referee Aubrey Edwards checks on him... JUNGLE BOY WANTS TO FIGHT!

Christian Cage vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Cage charges in at the bell and hits the spear... PERRY KICKS OUT! Underhooks, twisting him around...

Christian Cage wins by pinfall with the Killswitch.

Death Triangle and Best Friends are interviewed backstage.

PAC says Orange is barking up the wrong tree and Danhausen leads Best Friends in an awkward huddle.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Lionheart” Chris Jericho

Circling, arm drag and Jericho flexes! Flipping double birds, Danielson catches him, grabs his wrists, and stomps his head in! Chris with a slap to the face, collar and elbow, chops in the corner, circling, collar and elbow, Bryan with a hammerlock into a wristlock!

Roll through, kip up, wristlock from Lionheart. Bridging back, back body drop, Danielson takes mount and backs off when Jericho turtles up. Looking for the Romero Special, fishhooking the nose when Chris won’t let him get his hands and then Dragon simply stomps the knee! Indian Deathlock, mounted punches, Jericho reverses into a grounded octopus hold!

Danielson posts up, Stretch Muffler, shift to a deathlock, he asks the crowd if they want entertainment and swivels his hips before falling back! Jericho with a punch and a slam and a one-foot cover! Posturing for the crowd, palm strikes, Dragon shrugging them off and sitting crosslegged! Kick, kip-up, uppercuts in the ropes!

Whip reversed, back elbow from Jericho, triangle dropkick follows! Action to the floor, Y2J with a plancha and Bryan counters with a knee! Off the apron, diving knee, back inside, Danielson off the top with the missile dropkick! Kip up, posing, chest kicks, duck the buzzsaw, Lionheart looking for the Liontamer but Dragon kicks him off!

Sidestep the charge, Jericho goes hard into the turnbuckles, Bryan with chest kicks, looking for the avalanche Frankensteiner but Chris reverses into the Walls of Jericho! Fighting out of it, to the floor, suicide dive and kicks and chops in the barricade!

Back inside, up in the turnbuckles, jockeying for position, trading punches, Danielson knocks him down with a headbutt! Diving headbutt... NOBODY HOME! Lionsault... THE KNEES ARE UP! LEBELL LOCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING BUT HE CAN’T CLASP HIS HANDS!

Chris reverses, has his legs, catapult over the ropes but Danielson skins the cat! Charging in, Tombstone reversals... LIONHEART TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! LIONSAULT CONNECTS BUT BRYAN KICKS OUT! Toe kick right on Danielson’s jaw, Judas Effect countered with a kick, another kick, buzzsaw roundhouse takes Jericho’s head off!

Danielson tells us he’s gonna get his fucking head kicked in and the wrist clutch stomps follow! Omoplata, crossface applied and the LeBell Lock is on! Chris reaching, clawing, Dragon readjusts and gets himself between Jericho and the ropes! LIONHEART REVERSES TO THE WALLS OF JERICHO!

Upkicks from Bryan, triangle choke, overhead elbows, tightening his grip, Jericho gets to his feet, deadlift attempts but Danielson just sinks it in harder! Chris manages to catapult Bryan’s head into the ropes! Strikes in the corner, backflip up and over, off the ropes... CODEBREAKER! THE LIONTAMER IS IN BUT THE AMERICAN DRAGON GETS THE ROPES!

Jericho with overhead elbows, German suplex, Bryan manages to roll through, out of the corner, Busaiku Knee... JERICHO KICKS OUT! Underhooks... CATTLE MUTILATION IS IN! Rolling him over, shifting gears, overhead elbows! Back to the Cattle Mutilation but Jericho gets a foot on the ropes!

Kicks to the back, Chris hanging in the ropes, referee Aubrey Edwards warns Bryan off but he has until five, referee! More kicks, again she backs him off, Jericho with a schoolboy for two! Danielson rolling elbow, more overhead elbows, Chris battered raw, they back Aubrey into the corner, low blow...

Chris Jericho wins by pinfall with the Judas Effect.

Post-match, the Jericho Appreciation Society rushes in to celebrate while Daniel Garcia watches backstage, conflicted.

Darby Allin, Miro, & Sting vs. House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black)

Miro and Black to start, the Redeemer rushes Malakai into the corner and overwhelms him with strikes and stomps! King comes in to pull him off, Miro clubberin’ with him and Black reasserts himself with kicks and elbows! Whip across, boot up, kicks and punches, Matthews tags in and Miro belly-to-belly suplexes him across the ring!

Allin wants the tag, the Redeemer doesn’t give it to him and Buddy dives only to get caught into a slam! Darby tags in, duck under, springboard caught, reverse the pumphandle into a pin for two! Waistlock, Black with the blind tag, Matthews with strike combos, Malakai rushes Allin into the corner and puts boots to him!

Arm wringer into a snapmare, off the ropes, Penalty Kick for two! Black sets him up on the top rope and chops him to the floor! Throwing Darby into the barricades, back inside, Matthews cheap shots Sting off the apron but Darby tags Miro! Redeemer rushes the corner but referee Bryce Remsburg didn’t see the tag and waves him off!

Buddy drops Miro while Sting recovers, tag to the Icon! Right hands for Matthews and King both, Stinger Splashes, ducks under a charge and he makes Brody cannonball Buddy! Sting staring Black down, Malakai gets in the ring and squares up with the Icon!

Trading punches with abandon, double leg, Scorpion Deathlock applied in the middle of the ring! Malakai Black is bleeding from the eye! Brody and Buddy try to break it up but Sting won’t break the hold! Malakai reverses into a kneebar! Penalty Kick from Matthews cuts Miro off, tag to King!

House of Black pick Sting up and set him on Brody’s shoulders but he slips out and tags Allin in! Darby up top, Scorpion Death Drop, Coffin Drop... BUDDY MATTHEWS BREAKS IT UP! Back in, Miro with the Machka Kick, Julia Hart staring him down, the Redeemer charges and Buddy nails him with Sting’s bat to the breadbasket!

Diamond Dust into a huge tope from Darby but his shoulder is jacked up! Black stalking Sting from behind... STING SPIT MIST IN HIS FACE! Allin with Last Supper... IT’S OVER!

Darby Allin, Miro, & Sting win by pinfall with Last Supper from Allin on Malakai Black.

Daniel Garcia is interviewed backstage.

Chris Jericho rolls up before he can get a word in and demands to know why Garcia didn’t show up to his celebration. Daniel said he told him he didn’t need to cheat and that he let him down, and Jericho says he let him down, too. Chris has a challenge for him, JAS isn’t going to be in his corner for his match against Wheeler YUTA next week.

Daniel says he needs him but Jericho says he’s going to win, and he’s going to do it without Chris Jericho.

CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley (c) (AEW World Championship)

Punk feeding the bad leg, offering it right up, but Moxley isn’t taking the bait and simply flips him double birds and sits down crosslegged in the ring briefly. CM forearms him into the corner, knees and chops, Jon turns him around with forearms and Punk lands the flash roundhouse!

Corner knee, whip across, another knee, short-arm lariat and CM lays overhead elbows in! Calling for it, fireman’s carry... GO TO SLEEP BUT MOXLEY WON’T STAY DOWN! Mox to the floor, suicide dive knocks him over the barricade and into the crowd and Punk follows him with right hands! Brawling off into the crowd, referee Paul Turner giving them plenty of leeway!

Overhead elbow in the stands, Moxley covering up as the fight goes back to the ringside area! Jon puts him into the post and Punk is busted open! Mox punches at the open wound, scraping his forearm into it, licking the blood off his arm while it pours down CM’s face!

Boot to the face, smashing him into the steps, front kick connects! Back in the ring, overhead elbows in the corner, headbutts as the claret keeps flowing! Punk closing with punches, Jon kicks his leg and stops the advance! Chops in the corner, scraping his forearm across the wound, whip reversed, corner knee!

Mox with a shinbreaker, working a toehold on the injured leg! Half crab, CM with upkicks and Jon stomps him in the lower abdominal area! Back to the half crab, sitting down deep in it, shifting to an STF before wrenching back on the foot! Punk claws at Moxley’s eye to force the break!

Jon stumbling after him half-blind, getting his leg in the ropes and dropkicking the knee! Dragon screw, figure four leglock in the middle of the ring! Shifting gears, spitting in Mox’s face, piledriver... CM PUNK KICKS OUT! Boot up, posting the champion shoulder-first, the Anaconda Vise is on in the middle of the ring!

MOX BREAKS THE HOLD BY BITING THE WOUND! Wrist clutch stomps, off the ropes, Punk ducks a lariat and hits a leg lariat! Scoop and a slam, out to the apron, CM goes up top, elbow drop... MOXLEY CATCHES HIM AND GETS THE SLEEPER HOLD! Shifting to the bulldog choke, Punk to his feet, he slings him out of it and grabs a cross armbar!

He breaks the grip but Jon rolls through and grabs the bulldog choke! Upkicks, Mox catches one and grabs an ankle lock on the injured leg! CM screaming agony, clawing for the ropes and he forces the break! Moxley with a German suplex, flipping the crowd the bird, Punk fires up into the roundhouse kick, Jon with a falling lariat, and both men are down and out!

Fireman’s carry, Moxley slips out, rolling elbow from the challenger, champion throwing elbows of his own, both men down into their reserves, trading punches in the middle of the ring! Leg kick gets a swinging neckbreaker, fireman’s carry, Jon slips out, leg kick, Death Rider... NOT HAPPENING!

Back to the overhead elbows, CM staggered ragged, bulldog choke, flagging but not failing, he gets under Moxley, Jon slips out behind, stepping on the bad knee, falling back but Punk rolls through and out of the choke! Fireman’s carry... GO TO SLEEP!

Mox falls onto CM’s back, unconscious! A bloody-faced Punk fires up, stands up...

CM Punk wins by pinfall with the Go to Sleep, winning the AEW World Championship.

Punk celebrates and the lights go out!

An audio message from Tony Khan about someone’s continuing absence plays, admitting that he’ll swallow a bitter pill for the fans, promising him a spot in the Casino Ladder Match and a payday and no need to sign and extension, he just has to show up. Final offer.

A clip of Punk from ROH talking about the devil plays.

The Joker from earlier unmasks, viewed from behind, and throws a Burberry scarf on.


He comes down to the stage and stares Punk down, making the universal “I’m coming for that belt” sign before flipping the crowd off!

That’s the show, folks!

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