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Saraya fires back at critics of her saying she finally has a boss that listens to her in first AEW promo

In addition to criticism of her overall performance, and continued curiosity about whether she’s cleared to wrestle in her new company, Saraya’s first AEW promo also triggered a lot of blowback.

Almost all of that was over a line she delivered while adding a lumberjack stipulation to Toni Storm and Serena Deeb’s interim Women’s title match (the embed should be queued up to the right spot, but if not, it’s right around the 7:44 mark):

“Since I talked to Tony [Khan] backstage — it’s so good to have a boss to actually finally listen to me! — we decided, we’re gonna make this match a lumberjack match.”

The former Paige’s intention seemed pretty clear. She, like most former WWE talents when they arrive in AEW, was getting in a little dig about management at their former employer. Saraya even paused so the Philadelphia crowd could “Ohhh” and “Ahhh” over her remark.

Couple problems with this plan, however. One, it’s now Triple H rather than Vince McMahon that fans think of when you take a shot at WWE management, and right now, fans are pretty high on The Game & the product his team’s putting out. And two, unlike the Miros and Keith Lees of the world, Saraya never seemed held down by WWE. The winner of three titles as a wrestler — including becoming the youngest ever Divas champ while she was the first person to ever hold the NXT Women’s belt — the company often found a way to ensure she was on television even after a neck injury ended her career.

A line designed to get a quick pop ended up getting Saraya a whole lot of heat online. She clapped back at the criticism with a tweet sent earlier this afternoon:

I say how my current boss listens to me and all of sudden it’s “So hAtE yOu WwE”. No I don’t. I loved my time there. I appreciate the time and the opportunities I was given. Especially in my NXT days with Triple H. I’m happy now in AEW though. Tribalism in IWC is so bizarre to me

You can probably guess how that went over, since Saraya is shifting the blame onto the very tribalism she was appealing to with a comment designed to make us compare her current and former bosses. And if you can’t guess how that tweet went over, we’ll tell you that she deleted it. And followed it up with this...

Which is pretty interesting coming from someone who seems to be making herself miserable by paying a lot of attention to what keyboard warriors have been saying for the last couple days, but I’m sure it is difficult to tune it all out when you’re being tagged in many of the tweets.

She then closed with this:

Would still probably be better to just admit she missed the mark with that line, say the nice things about WWE that were in the deleted tweet, and move on. But “fuck it, think what you want” works too.

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