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Chris Jericho vows to destroy Ring of Honor

The Ring of Jericho era began with a less-than-honorable defense of OCHO™, and a totally dishonorable attack on ring announcer Bobby Cruise.

With an unknown percentage of the roster not on hand due to Hurricane Ian, Tony Khan turned to Chris Jericho to carry the Sept. 28 Dynamite.

He got a lengthy opening segment to continue his angle with Daniel Garcia (read all about that here), and almost the entire final half hour of the show for his ROH World title defense against Bandido.

That match was really good, showcasing both the variety of work Jericho is still willing to do at 51 years of age, and everything the luchador making his AEW debut has to offer. Among the examples of the latter was this nearly minute long delayed vertical suplex:

And this moonsault fallaway slam from the top:

Jericho survived both, however. And after pulling Bandido’s mask down, he was able to lock in the Liontamer to retain OCHO™.

It was afterwards where the Ring of Honor World champ got super not-honorable. Continuing the “Ring of Jericho” theme from his earlier promo, Jericho challenged Bryan Danielson to face him for the belt on Oct. 12 when AEW makes its debut in Canada. That’s part of his plan to destroy every ROH World champ, every ROH commentator, and every ROH ring announcer — starting with the man holding his microphone, long-time Ring of Honor hand Bobby Cruise.

Will Danielson be able to stop this monster? Seems like they may be telegraphing a swerve in the Garcia angle, with “Danny” revealing his commitment to the Jericho Appreciation Society one week after teaming with Bryan. But we’ll find out in a couple weeks.

Get complete results and coverage of everything from tonight’s Dynamite here.

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