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The Young Bucks drop custom sneakers, and a hint about their future

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We’ve heard a lot about The Young Bucks since their infamous brawl with CM Punk after All Out, but we haven’t heard a lot from Matt & Nick Jackson since Sept. 5.

They vacated the Trios titles they shared with their partner in The Elite, Kenny Omega. Along with Punk & his friend Ace Steel, all were suspended from AEW for their role in the fight. Even their YouTube show Being The Elite is on hiatus, likely because this situation isn’t the kind of thing you can be a smartass about unless you want to end up in court.

But the last 24 hours has brought The Bucks back into the spotlight. These custom Diadoras weren’t gonna sell themselves!

Champs Sports

Actually, they probably would have, because about four hours after they were released, Champs Sports had...

Perhaps anticipating how quickly their fans would scoop up those bad boys for $100 a pair, or maybe just in a grateful mood, Matt Jackson posted a video on his Instagram Story. It’s his parting words that people are talking about...

“Thank you so much, guys, for everything. For the last 18 years, you guys have supported us and been so great to us, and I really can’t wait to see you guys very soon.”

Last we heard, AEW’s investigation into issues between Punk & their EVPS — and everything that happened after All Out, was trending in The Elite’s favor. Does Matt know something that hasn’t been leaked to the dirt sheets yet?

We’ll have to wait and see how soon “soon” is, I guess. And wait for future AEW x Diadora collaborations said to be coming this fall, featuring designs for Lucha Bros, Andrade El Ídolo, and others.

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