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MJF names his Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestling

But only after clarifying that he couldn’t name himself four times.

All Elite Wrestling

There’s a lot of tension in the wrestling community these days. Wrestlers are beefing with dirt sheets, AEW fans aren’t happy with WWE fans & vice versa — and even if you claim to not have a dog in that fight, there’s a good chance someone will roll up to say you’re lying. So let’s just do something that brings everyone together!

Let’s nitpick a pro wrestler’s Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestling!

It’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s turn. He was asked which four people he’d put on the side of a mountain by Barstool Sports’ Kevin “KFC” Clancy, and after clarifying he couldn’t name himself four times, the AEW star gave his answer:

Triple H, Roddy Piper, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Stone Cold Steve Austin

MJF paused after naming The Game & Rowdy Roddy, saying that’s where it got really hard for him to pick. He concedes he's leaving off a lot of names, but specifically shoots down Hulk Hogan & Vince McMahon (Max acknowledges their importance to the business, but doesn’t want to discuss them too much because of their controversial reputations), and Mick Foley (“Fuck Mick Foley. I’m the most famous Long Island wrestler of all time”).

It’s a solid quartet. You won’t find too many people who’d put Trips on their Mount Rushmore, but Friedman has to praise the guy in charge of WWE in order to keep his “bidding war of 2024” gimmick working. And maybe by the time all is said and done, Hunter will be a more solid pick based on his Chief Content Officer accomplishments?

We shall see. In the meantime, chime in with your thoughts on MJF’s picks below. And check out his entire appearance on KFC Radio here.

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