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Julia Hart (and her hat) are okay after scary bump on Rampage

A lot happened during AEW’s Grand Slam shows from Arthur Ashe Stadium this week. One thing that had fans worried was this bump Julia Hart took as part of The Great Muta’s run-in during the House of Black’s No Disqualification match with Sting & Darby Allin on Rampage.

Murphy bumps his cheerleader-turned-goth stablemate off the apron while selling Muta’s mist, but Hart mostly goes over the table she was supposed to go through, landing head & neck first on the concrete instead.

AEW’s YouTube

The fact there’s been no news on Hart’s wellbeing since this match was taped on Wednesday (it aired Friday) was a good sign that nothing serious happened. But Julia and her other remaining House of Black teammate Brody King wanted to make sure we all knew the 20 year old was okay.

Actually, they were mostly focused on her dope Stevie Nicks-meets-Undertaker chapeau...

AEW’s YouTube

This probably won’t quell everyone’s fears, as she didn’t tweet “don’t worry I don’t have a concussion and doctors have assured me there’s no long-term damage to my neck.” But it’s a pretty good sign she feels as good as anyone can after taking part in a match like the Rampage Grand Slam opener. There’s no substitute for youth.

Now, when’s the hat’s next booking?

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