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Mark Sterling needs your help for powerbomb victims that experience accidental defecation

Mark Sterling has had his hands in questionable lawsuits in AEW, such as petitioning to ban Swerve Strickland. The smart esquire has also had his share of honorable causes, such as representing security guards beaten up by Wardlow. Sterling’s latest venture takes the cake for a noble purpose.

Sterling is requesting monetary assistance at just $13 a day to help the victims of powerbombs in an effort to get the move banned from AEW. Be warned that this dramatic plea may bring tears to your eyes. For cold-hearted individuals like myself, watch the commercial and see how long you last before laughing. I cracked in the opening seconds at the choice of music.

Every 7 days, someone is Powerbombed in AEW

Mark Sterling: Hi. I’m Smart Mark Sterling. And for just 13 dollars a day, you can help the victims of powerbombing by working towards banning the move forever. Victims of powerbombing often experience spontaneous disappearance, accidental defecation, spinal stenosis, and/or drowsiness. Call right now, and receive this welcome package with a signed picture of a powerbombed person. I’m here to fight against powerbombing. Help us ban the move as soon as possible. Please, call right now.

Call Now 1-347-SMART-40

Hopefully Sterling can work his lawyer magic quickly, because two of his clients face the very real danger of powerbomb trauma when Tony Nese & Josh Woods wrestle Wardlow & Samoa Joe on Friday night Rampage.

Will you be donating to Mark Sterling’s worthy cause in support of powerbomb victims?

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