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Saraya may not be cleared to wrestle yet

Paige’s Twitter

When the wrestler formerly known as Paige made her AEW debut on Wednesday night (Sept. 21), she was pretty clearly presented as a wrestler.

Saraya talked trash to an assortment of heels, telling them the ring was hers. The commentary team touted her wrestling ability, and hyped her arrival as altering the landscape in the women’s division. The 30 year old second generation performer already has a spot on the roster page, and a win-loss record. Seeds seem to be planted for a big feud with former champ Dr. Britt Baker.

But there’s one thing Saraya didn’t do at Dynamite Grand Slam, and that’s get physical while in the squared circle. Dave Meltzer writes in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that one thing may be telling:

“It was said that Saraya had not been cleared as of very recently, which would explain her not touching anyone during her debut angle.”

It’s not known if the doctors who didn’t give Saraya the go ahead after recent evaluations were her own or AEW’s. WWE’s medical team did not clear her for a return to the ring, one of the factors which led to her not being re-signed when her contract expired over the summer.

Presumably, Saraya either has been cleared since Meltzer was last updated, or AEW’s received some very strong signs she will be. If not, the way she was introduced borders on bait-and-switch.

And even if she is cleared, this story from the Observer won’t do anything to allay concerns about Saraya wrestling with her history of neck and spine problems.

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