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Move over Britt Baker, Saraya is the new top star

AEW Dynamite

Britt Baker has been the top women’s star in AEW for most of the promotion’s existence, but there’s a chance that could change now that Saraya is All Elite.

Baker has maintained her status as the top woman in AEW even when other wrestlers like Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa held the AEW women’s world championship.

Baker didn’t fade away from prominence when free agents like Ruby Soho, Toni Storm, and Athena all signed on the dotted line. Soho and Athena in particular received an initial push that culminated with a loss in an important championship match. They both dropped down the card while Baker maintained her spot.

Up to this point it’s looked like Jade Cargill has the best chance to eventually dethrone Britt as the top women’s star in AEW. But that was before Saraya showed up. This is her house now.

Listen again to the massive pop that Saraya received during her shocking debut at last night’s Grand Slam edition of Dynamite. Very few stars in AEW have received a pop at that level. Given her star power, mic skills, and charisma, it’s not crazy to think that Saraya has a chance to move television ratings in a way no other woman in AEW has been able to up to this point. And if that’s the case, Tony Khan will respond accordingly in his booking decisions.

There are a lot of questions that Saraya will need to answer along the way to make that happen, starting of course with her health and durability in the ring. It certainly looks like she signed with AEW to wrestle, but it’s hard to know how her body will hold up to the rigors of taking regular bumps again.

Do you think Saraya’s signing with AEW will prove to be a game changer for the women’s division, Cagesiders?

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