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It sounds like AEW’s very bad officiating is part of Tony Khan’s master plan

AEW on Twitter

AEW referees had an especially bad showing yesterday (Sept. 23) at Dynamite Grand Slam. The first three matches of the night were all decided by cheating that the referees were never in the proper position to catch.

My colleague Manolo Has Pizzazz highlighted this issue in his review of the show:

“The problem was the cumulative effect of overbooking in important moments. On their own individually, the first three cheating finishes were acceptable. One after the other after the other wears thin.”

This point of criticism was shared by many fans alike. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer indicated this wasn’t a case of poor communication between agents / producers. No, Tony Khan booked three consecutive finishes like that on purpose because it’s part of a planned angle with referee Paul Turner.

Khan then seemed to confirm that claim by posting the following tweet today:

So AEW referees need to stop sucking at their jobs, and it’s up to Senior Official Paul Turner to make sure they get their shit together. It doesn’t exactly sound like the most compelling angle in the world, especially during such an important week of AEW television.

Will you tune into Rampage tomorrow night (spoilers here) to see if Paul Turner has what it takes to handle this crucial assignment?

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