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This rap song about Brian Cage should encourage Tony Khan to put him on TV

One of AEW’s issues is having a very large roster and finding time to squeeze all the stars on screen in a meaningful way each week. Some things are understandable, such as waiting for the right moment to win a championship. Other things are head-scratchers, such as Brian Cage vanishing from television for close to one full year.

Opinions vary on Cage’s ceiling, but I don’t think there is much variance on the idea that he is good enough to be on Dynamite and Rampage in at least a special attraction role. Perhaps this Cage-dedicated rap song produced by Naheer can convince the person whose opinion holds the most sway, bookerman Tony Khan. Unleash Cage to get his shit in!

Give a listen to, “GMSI.” The tune has some slick rhymes. Allow the power of music to make the case for Cage.

The lyrics were written and performed by Tre Keyz and features RePete and Shamaniac.

I Get My Shit In
Watch me handle my business
Don’t make me stick you on my hit list
Gon have you begging for forgiveness

Brian Cage,
Ha, who better?
Weapon X is set up
Do you get up or do you just lie in pain
Die today
Or live to find a hiding place,
Either way you try to play
A tombstone they gon write cha name,
Beeeeeeeeeeeppp flatliner
The owner of the spotlight will shine on you till your smile fades
You think that you can try to change the outcome but you miles away
Maybe now’s the time of day to say your prayers and find your faith
Hit em in the head I’m the power man with a iron fist on the side your face
Leave ya with a dent like a iron mace
Deadlift suplex it’s child’s play
The worlds gonna learn when I light the flame
Burn the image in your eyes like a blinding rage
There’s no limit to my fight whenever I’m on stage
Even Thanos wouldn’t want a round with Brian Cage

Watch me handle my business
Don’t make me stick you on my hit list
Gon have you begging for forgiveness

Moves like a machine I’ma Terminator,
I’ll learn your data
Seek out and destroy
Your returning will be determined later
The all around best
A suitcase
Your carry on,
There’s no way to outrun this multi move paragon
First I’ll hit ya with the discus lariat
After that I’ll twist ya with the drill claw
And there’s no doubt you gonna feel sore
No time to heal coz right then I’m gonna build more
You are standing inside of my arena,
We are not in outer space
Everybody gon hear you screaming
This will be the day that you appreciate your breathing
Coz you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
And you can come back strong
Don’t let the pain of your defeat make your come back long
I love a grudge match for a Sunday stroll
So let me destroy all your dreams to make your come back wrong
I’m the effin machine
The luchador destroyer
Warrior Freddy haunting your dreams
It’s a crying shame
You picked a fight with a lion’s fang in a cyber age
Now we can watch on reply the day you fell to Brian Cage

I Get My Ish In
Watch me handle my business
Don’t make me stick you on my hit list
Gon have you begging for forgiveness

Are you eager to see the return of Brian Cage on your television? What’s your favorite line in the, “GMSI,” song?

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