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Is it finally time for Captain Insano to debut in AEW?

Remember back in March when Paul Wight dropped some exciting news for folks who were kids in the 1990s and enjoyed Adam Sandler movies? It might finally be time for his promise to come to fruition.

Oh yes indeed, folks, it might finally be time for Captain Insano to make his AEW debut.

What makes me say such a thing?


He said this while AEW is heading to New York for its “Grand Slam” episode of Dynamite, a show Khan notes is the “highest grossing event” in company history. It might just be the perfect night to debut the man who shows no mercy.

Just a couple months ago, Paul Wight had this to say about their plans for the character (via Wrestling Inc):

“There’s already an outfit made, the whole nine yards. We’re doing a lot of prep work, and this will be my last hoorah so to speak.


“Let’s be honest – I don’t think this character is going to be a killer going out there trying to beat Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. At this point, I think this character is just to have fun. We’ll see how it goes, but for me right now, this is just a chance to have fun with this character and be a bright spot on the show. We’ll see how I’m feeling, and we’ll see how everybody takes off with it.”

Don’t get your hopes up or anything, but it could happen.

Follow along with the show tonight right here.

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