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Here’s the latest on the AEW suspensions, Young Bucks contacting WWE, and why Kenny Omega is in Japan

The Elite All Out 2022

The rumor mill is still buzzing about the fallout of the AEW backstage brawl between CM Punk and The Elite that occurred during the wild All Out 2022 media scrum.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer has a few updates on the matter. First, he is reporting that several of the suspensions have been lifted:

“Christopher Daniels, Pat Buck, Brandon Cutler, and Michael Nakazawa are off suspension, because I guess the investigation showed that they were only trying to break up the fight. But Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, CM Punk, and Ace Steel status is still up in the air.”

This next one is hardly surprising, but Meltzer is also shutting down the rumor that Kenny Omega traveled to Japan independent of the AEW Fight Forever video game promotion at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Kenny’s AEW suspension has now made it so that he can’t officially participate in those events, but that’s why he originally planned to travel there:

“Omega’s in Japan right now...the original trip was partially to promote the AEW video game [at the Tokyo Game Show], and because of his suspension, he’s not going to be involved with the presentation of it there.”

Finally, here’s Meltzer’s update on the story about the Young Bucks allegedly sending out feelers to WWE:

“And they did talk to somebody [at WWE], and probably have talked to this person many times. But the person in question has also said that there was no mention of them asking to talk to management or anything of the sort...that was not even in the discussion.”

So there you have it, Cagesiders. People who tried to break up a fight are no longer being punished, Kenny Omega didn’t travel to Japan just to hang out with Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Young Bucks can probably contact Triple H directly themselves if it is ever appropriate or necessary to do so.

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