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Matt Hardy’s finished making amends, ready to refocus on wrestling

For those interested in Dark action, Matt Hardy defeated Angelico by countering a backslide into a Twist of Fate. It appears that there is more to the story than meets the eye for that match.

Prior to the Dark broadcast, Hardy released his own video teasing footage we would have seen on Being The Elite if not for the series going on hiatus after suspensions of Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and others.

Hardy has been using BTE to tell his redemption story by making amends, physically and financially, for how his Money Matt persona took advantage of the HFO members. It was Angelico’s turn, and the llave master requested a singles bout for Dark. That was a simple enough continuation of the story, however, Hardy went deeper to proclaim that this phase is over. He was out of his doldrums and ready to refocus on wrestling.

Matt Hardy: Tonight on AEW Dark, I face Angelico. Angelico was a member of my Hardy Family Office, the HFO. A couple days ago, I went to him and I asked him if he wanted to hurt me or if I could pay him back for all the money that I stole from him. He said no. And you would have seen this on BTE, but obviously BTE was on a sabbatical. So of course, I said what would you like. He said he would like a match. He wants to hurt me and embarrass me on a big platform where the entire world can see it. So of course, I agreed. Tonight on AEW Dark, I face him.

But I don’t think Angelico knows who he’s facing tonight. It’s a new Matt Hardy, it’s a focused Matt Hardy, a motivated, a driven Matt Hardy. Because for the last two plus years, I’ve been sidetracked. There’s been a pandemic. I’ve been worrying about my pregnant wife, my newborn child, and all my young children trying to keep them safe. And obviously everyone knows about my brother and his trials and tribulations. I’ve been trying to keep him safe. But now I’m in a point in my life where everyone is safe, and they are going to be safe. And I can focus. I can concentrate on my wrestling career. Make it a priority. And I start with you tonight, Angelico.

It’s time for me to remind people who the hell I am. I am MATT FUCKING HARDY!

If we start seeing a sudden increase of Matt Hardy on Dynamite and Rampage, now you know the storyline why. Hardy’s transition back to himself couldn’t come at a better time with AEW down on star power without popular wrestlers CM Punk, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Christian Cage, and Malakai Black.

Are you excited for the next chapter in Matt Hardy’s career? How high would you like to see him rise in AEW?

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