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Hangman’s tribute to Dark Order (including Colt Cabana) is open to interpretation

Hangman Page’s Instagram

Yesterday (Sept. 13), Hangman Page posted to social media for the first time since Labor Day... which was of course in the wake of the infamous All Out media scrum & backstage brawl which led to the suspensions of CM Punk & The Elite.

Like that tweet — and a lot of Page’s public statements, really — there are a few ways to take his spontaneous expression of gratitude for Dark Order.

  1. A heartfelt thank you to some friends and colleagues he cares about a great deal.
  2. Part of an on-screen story, and a likely sign the group could fracture more than it already has with Stu Grayson and Alan Angels leaving AEW. Andrade El Ídolo has been recruiting Pres10 Vance in vignettes for several weeks now.
  3. Thinly veiled commentary on the drama with Punk, from the opening BoJack Horseman quote to shouting out Colt Cabana as someone who’s advice he has taken after two of the issues Punk seemed angriest about were all things Cabana, and Hangman saying he doesn’t take advice*.
  4. All of the above, in some combination.

“After you get famous, you stop growing. You don’t have to.”

After being an even small part of a movement with the Elite and our subsequent falling out I was a afraid of stagnation. I was happy, fulfilled, and getting a good paycheck; but without anyone to push me further.

During Brodie’s illness I was scared to move forward with these guys, but we all still felt it was the right thing to do.

I could never say enough about all of the Dark Order.

John’s jokes effortlessly turn a bad day into a hilarious one. Alex is my dad friend; our sons were born five days apart and it’s been so grounding to have someone on the same ride as me. Uno self-deprecates in a way I can relate to, only wishing he saw in himself what I see in him. Ten for working tirelessly and covering for my sorry ass at the latest possible notice. Anna for never hesitating to get in on a good dick joke and be one of the boys. Stu for never being complacent with his spot and always wanting for more. Five for overcoming having such a small penis and gaining the confidence to bet on himself in a way I have never had to. Colt for being a fountain of wisdom and saying to me the most self-affirming words I’ve ever heard.

I owe a lot of my career to Matt, Nick, and Kenny. I owe as much to these guys too. Thank you for helping me continue to grow.

Let us know what your interpretation is, or just how much you appreciate jokes about Angel’s junk, in the comments below.

* “I don’t take advice,” was the headline most of the wrestle web ran with after Page’s Galaxycon Q & A, and clearly what Punk latched onto. The full answer is less definitive, with Hangman saying he listens to veterans, but tends to learn by trial & error. It’s also delivered in the usual unsure, “I’m just a regular guy trying to figure this stuff out” way the Anxious Millennial Cowboy answers every question — in and out(?) of character.

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