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Man confirms friend cancelled vacation due to work emergency

In his promo on the Sept. 7 episode of Dynamite, Jon Moxley told us he was supposed to be on vacation rather than appearing on the All Out show and entering the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions to determine a new World titleholder. But he was tasked with firing up the fans and the locker room after a disastrous end of the night after the PPV in Chicagoland, so maybe it was just something he said to fire up the base.

A report followed that Mox had indeed changed up plans for some time off, but you can’t believe everything you read in the dirt sheets, right?

Well, you know who you can trust? The buddy who knows he’s hacked off cause work forced him to cancel the fishing trip they’d been planning, that’s who.

Former CZW champ (and as Cyon, the reigning NWA National champion) Robert Anthony explained to the Tyrus & Timpf Podcast:

“[Mox is] doing good. Man, he was supposed to be on vacation, six weeks, we were going to go fishing. Now he’s back to work, he’s not too happy about it.

“He’s pissed off and he’s back at work and he cut a hell of a promo on Wednesday. We’ll see where it goes, you know what I mean? It’s just a lot of negatives in the positives over there.”

Moxley’s definitely one of the positives in with the negatives at AEW. Will he be a three-time World champ for the company after next Wednesday’s Grand Slam edition of Dynamite? Or will be hanging up the “Gone Fishin’” sign?

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