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AEW Dark recap (Sept. 13, 2022): A very nice, very evil episode!

Episode 161 of AEW Dark is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the stream. Excalibur and Taz were on commentary as usual this week. It’s time for a very nice, very evil episode of Dark so let’s get right to the action!

Penelope Ford vs. Alice Crowley

Ford brings a record of 31-14 to this contest. Kip Sabian was sitting ringside watching her with his trademark box over his head. Alice Crowley was waiting in the ring with a 0-1 record. They locked up and Ford pushed her into the ropes until she was forced to (reluctantly) break clean. Crowley responded with arm drags, and a chop. Ford answered back with a clothesline and kicks to the face. She sat on top of Crowley choking her until ref Rick Knox made her break, then kneeled on her throat while arguing with said same. The announcers were sure to point out the hand print on Ford’s chest that Crowley gave her earlier. She laid Crowley out on the ropes, hit a dropkick from behind, and then did a back handspring elbow and a running high boot. She tripped Crowley to the ground and bridged the Indian death lock submission for the tap. 90% squash, 10% Crowley.

Backstage Alex Marvez was trying to find out what was going on in Hikaru Shida’s locker room, as we had been alerted to “a commotion” by the announcers. Rebel and Britt Baker were in there beating her up and said that they were purposefully denying Toni Storm her tag team partner. Marvez called for medical help and we moved on to the next match!

Darius Martin & Matt Sydal vs. The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi & Ryan Nemeth)

Bononi and Nemeth brought a record of 2-3 to this bout. Martin came out 59-33 and his partner Sydal was 42-33. I still fail to understand why they aren’t listed by their tag team record when they team up. It has been a year since Martin blew off joining Team Taz, the group recently broke up, and Taz is still talking about his lawsuit against Martin for breach of contract. It might be time to let that storyline go. Bononi took great pleasure in beating down Sydal while Martin begged for the tag. Instead it was Bononi who was able to reach out and tag Nemeth for the beatdown to continue. It’s a plus that some of the recent Dark matches were filmed outside of Universal Studios. Unfortunately though the large crowd was barely into this match until both Martin and Bononi tagged in. Top rope crossbody on Bononi for a near fall. Nemeth tried to yank Martin off the ropes and it was just enough of a distraction for the heels to take advantage. Martin wiped out Bononi on the outside, Sydal hit a question mark kick on the inside, and Martin finished it with the Nose Dive for three.

Excalibur announced that tomorrow night Toni Storm would team with Athena instead of Shida to face Serena Deeb and Britt Baker. On to our next match!

Skye Blue & Queen Aminata vs. Diamante & Emi Sakura with Baliyan Akki

Sakura was 19-10, Diamante was 26-13, and Akki accompanied them both to the ring. Aminata and Blue brought a record of 0-1 as a team to this contest. Sakura was overjoyed when she tagged in, starting boxing Blue’s ears, gave her a delayed backbreaker, then sat in the ropes for another spot of tea. Akki came over to mug for the camera as she did so. Diamante tagged back in and ate a roundhouse kick from Blue before Aminata tagged in. Flatliner for Diamante got a near fall. Diamante hit knees and clubbing blows before bringing Aminata to the heel corner. Sakura tagged in for machine gun chops, then ran over to knock Blue off the apron for goot measure. Vader Bomb by Sakura was broken up by Blue. Blue threw Diamante out, tagged, then dived onto both women on the outside. She threw Sakura back in, ate a chop, and came back with a thrust kick before flipping Sakura inside out right onto her face. Aminata kept Diamante from breaking up the three count. Chicago was definitely pleased with this result.

Danhausen vs. Peter Avalon

Avalon brought a singles record of 0-3 for 2022. If you thought the crowd was happy when Skye Blue won, you should have heard them +erupt+ for the arrival of Danhausen. Excalibur: “They’ll have to rename it the Danhausen pop!” They just might. His 2022 record was 3-3. Aubrey Edwards called for the bell and the two circled each other warily as the crowd did a loud “Dan-haus-en” chant. Avalon struck a pose in response and everyone booed. Danhausen shook his hips and they went wild. This enraged Avalon and he immediately attacked him, slammed him, and gyrated his hips to more boos. Danhausen got back to his feet and hit an overhead suplex, a running back elbow, a knee to the back of the head, a shoulder to the body, and a German suplex before sitting up to a big cheer. Enzuigiri by Avalon. Curse by Danhausen! Manji Gatame for the submission. Very nice, very evil pop for Danhausen with the win and another loud “Dan-haus-en” chant to boot.

Matt Hardy vs. Angelico

Angelico arrived for our main event sporting a record of 15-11 overall in singles competition. Excalibur tried to claim Angelico was in the running with Julia Hart for best new theme song. Sorry Ex, I couldn’t disagree more. Matt Hardy got another nice eruption from the Chicago crowd along with a “delete” chant, sporting a singles record of 40-19. Excalibur played up that Angelico was a former member of the Hardy Family Office and reminded us that this was Hardy’s “redemption tour.” Angelico took Hardy down to the ground and walked over his back, wiping his hands of Matt, and Hardy tried to attack him in response. Angelico avoided it by ducking under the ropes. Hardy took a wrist lock, Angelico reversed it to an arm drag and struck a pose mocking Matt. This brought out a “Har-dy” chant.

Hardy picked Angelico up for a slam, bounced his head into the turnbuckle pads delete style, then went to another corner to do it all again. Angelico initially blocked it when he went to a third corner but Hardy overpowered him, then went to the final corner for one more time. Taz: “Talk about pillar to post!” Powerbomb for a two count. Angelico blocked a Side Effect and a Twist of Fate, then tripped him to the apron, and finally dropped him with a kick before stomping on his chest and standing on it using the ropes for leverage. Kick to the back of Hardy’s head for a two count. Angelico kept going for submissions and Hardy went for rope breaks. Angelico brought him to the center of the ring to hopefully get one on, but Hardy got back to his feet and finally hit the Side Effect for 2.9. Hardy signaled for a deletion, the Twist of Fate was blocked again, Angelico tried a roll up and an inside cradle, tripped Hardy and went for the la magistral cradle, all for near falls. Hardy finally countered Angelico instead of the other way around and the Twist of Fate connected for three!

What to watch/skip

Tonight’s “what to watch/skip” is brought to you by Love That Danhausen. I would try to explain the content but it’s so random I’m not sure I can. One episode can be a parody of Hot Ones, another can be Danhausen hunting for action figures, and sometimes he’s just hanging out with Sting and Brody King. It’s that very randomness that keeps me viewing! This was our second night in a row of a very solid Dark brand show. If you have to skip one match, skip Ford vs. Crowley. If you only watch one match, watch Danhausen vs. Avalon. My recommendation though is to enjoy the whole thing as it’s only 40 minutes long.

Cageside commentary crew — share your feedback in the comments section below. If you love pro wrestling you can find me on Twitter too. See you next Monday for a new episode of Elevation!

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