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BTE goes on hiatus, Kenny Omega goes to Japan

Even the rumors have started to die down a bit, and it looks like our next substantial update on the post-All Out brawl between CM Punk & Ace Steel and The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega might not come until AEW’s investigation is complete.

That won’t stop us from looking for signs and portends.

At this point, what we know for sure is that Punk & The Elite have been stripped of the championships they won on the Sept. 4 PPV. It’s reliably been reported that they & several others are currently suspended, and that Punk had surgery for a torn triceps. Beyond that, it’s hearsay and speculation.

So here’s some more stuff to speculate on.

Omega’s been one of the main forces behind AEW Games’ Fight Forever, the arcade-style simulation whose release is coming soon — and on which Tony Khan has a lot riding. The game will be featured at Tokyo Games Show this week (Sept. 15-18). Kenny seems to be there in advance, “robbing” clothing stores and hanging with hedgehogs:

Does his suspension not cover his work with the Games division? Because it’s a separate position, or just because his presence is needed to help successful launch Fight Forever?

An easier question to answer is why Matt & Nick Jackson and Brandon Cutler decided to place their YouTube series Being The Elite on hiatus:

BTE has been the Bucks bread and butter for a long time; it’s not exaggerating to say AEW wouldn’t exist without it. But it’s also hard to imagine a show built around lampooning things exactly like the company’s current predicament for fans who follow insider reports ignoring what happened Labor Day weekend (last week’s show was filmed before the brawl). Talk of possible legal action coming out of the fight means even references to the drama would be a bad idea. And since The Bucks probably won’t have any kayfabe matches to build up for a couple months... might as well press pause.

Do you think these items tell us anything about the EVPs future?

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