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Wrestling fans are having fun writing reviews for the bakery Punk plugged during his gripebomb

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One of the more bizarre elements of CM Punk’s post-All Out media scrum promo was the way the then-AEW World champ calmly noshed on a muffin throughout much of it.

Punk even paused towards the end of his appearance to plug the source of those delicious baked goods, Chicago’s Mindy’s Bakery. Which brings us to the subject of this here blog post...

Wrestling fans are a mischievous sort, and after the chaos that followed the Sept. 4 PPV damaged our opinions of several highly thought of wrestlers and possibly the future of the first viable alternative to WWE in years, many of us were looking for a way to have fun with the situation. Mindy’s muffins gave us just that.

At first, it was just jokes and memes on social media. But then someone remembered that a business like Mindy’s would be listed on review sites like Yelp and Google. You can probably guess what happened from there.

• Best muffins in the world!! its cookie eating time!! look in my eyes what do you see?! a dozen muffins from mindy’s bakery!!

• I watched a wrestler at a press conference absolutely scarfing down one of Mindy’s muffins while losing his mind. Keep in mind, he is straight edge but it made him flip out so I thought to myself “just what could be in those muffins..?” So I begged my mom to let me withdraw some money from our joint bank account, ran down there, and had a few muffins. Suddenly I felt rage bubbling up inside of me. I was screaming about how much I hate my coworkers, how they’re all empty headed dumbfucks, how I haven’t been friends with Scotty Colton since like 2014 and how I’m a grown man and it’s no one’s business. I’m cranky. I’m hurt. And I have to work with kids... good muffins though!

• I would have given them 6 stars if they were in the Tokyo Dome. The best pastries to enjoy before important meetings with the EVP’s.

• Even though I have a joint bank account with my mother, I go to this place every day except of course Monday and Tuesday. I have every receipt. I have every invoice.

• Recently I went to Mindys and got some muffins. Just a piece of advice. Do not brag how great the muffin you are enjoying is because if your coworkers overhear it, and notice you did not bring them any? They could come to your locker room and confront you.

• My buddy Ace visited here after failing to eat Kenneth Omega. Awesome muffins

• Mindy’s baked goods give my hurt, old and tired body the energy it needs to get through the days of working with children, except on Mondays and Tuesdays.

• We found in discovery that this Bakery shares a bank account with their mother, and that tells you everything you need to know about Mindy’s Bakery. I’m trying to run a business.

• I’m hurt, I’m old, I’m tired and I work with fucking children but Mindy’s Bakery brightens my day every day. It’s so good I threw a chair at one of my coworkers. Try this place. You won’t be disappointed

• Her croissants might be the best I’ve had this side of the Atlantic. The hot fudge cheesecake was incredible, dare I say “transcendent”? The only reason I didn’t give this place 5 stars is because she continues to serve C.M. Punk (who, from what I can gather, has never shared a bank account with his mother).

• Look in my eyes, what do you see? Muffins from Mindys bakery. I know you’re hungry, hungry for sweets. Pastries so good you can fight The Elite.

• I ate some Muffins and beat up 3 of my co-workers. What do you put in these…. 2nd time I’ve seen this happen.

When we’re not being the worst, wrestling fans are the best.

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