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Will Ospreay & Kenny Omega’s war ‘ain’t over by a long shot’

Scott Lesh’s Twitter

It hasn’t really involved either of their home promotions, but Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay have been building a feud online for months if not years. It’s enough of a thing that Kevin Nash recently got involved.

The always bottom-line focused WWE Hall of Famer responded to a tweet saying Ospreay had more Wrestling Observer five star matches last month than CM Punk, Kurt Angle & John Cena had in their careers with a question. The Aerial Assassin reacted with an old joke about Big Sexy:

Kenny knows how to speak both critic and box office:

AEW and New Japan are on board now though, and what started when Omega & The Young Bucks defeated Ospreay & Aussie Open in the Trios Championship Tournament last night (Aug. 31) on Dynamite seems likely to end with Ospreay & Omega’s second-ever singles match at Wrestle Kingdom 17 next January. Rumor has it the Forbidden Door is open enough for a big AEW star will work NJPW’s Tokyo Dome extravaganza in 2023, and the prodigal son returning to face the man trying to fill his boots as the company’s big gaijin star is a big money match.

It’s one that continued after the television broadcast ended in Chicagoland last night. Kenny was making his latest post-Dynamite promo when the young Brit & his United Empire mates attacked The Elite. They targeted Omega’s injuries, but The Young Bucks fought back to prevent Kenny’s neck from getting Pillman-ized via a Hidden Blade.

The entire trio still got their butts kicked real bad, though. And The Cleaner did take a Hidden Blade, just without the steel chair. Will started his trash talk with, “This ain’t over by a long shot, Ken.”

He does seem to think he got the last word, but something tells me Kenneth By Gawd Omega will now be the one saying this isn’t over.

Let us know if you’re hyped for more Omega vs. Ospreay, and if you think we’re right that it’s going down in the Dome on Jan. 4,2023. And check out the rest of the highlights from last night’s Dynamite. As usual, AEW doles out YouTube videos slowly. But we’ve compiled what they’ve released as of this morning in a playlist, and tried to catch you up with the rest of the episode via Twitter clips below that.

  • Jon Moxley Lays Out an Open Challenge for the AEW World Championship
  • CM Punk Sends Chicago Into a Frenzy When He Accepts Moxley’s Open Challenge
  • The Elite Punch Their Ticket to All Out For the AEW Trios Tournament Finals

For complete results and the live blog for Dynamite this week click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here.

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