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Being the Elite builds to the Hangman Page/Young Bucks reunion

For the first time in a long time, Being the Elite has an episode worth paying attention to with various points of story development for AEW. The primary saga is background sessions plotting the path for the Young Bucks and Hangman Page to bury the hatchet. The Dark Order found their mojo for a musical to declare their intentions to join the upcoming AEW Trios Championship tournament. There were also seeds planted for Matt Hardy to join forces with Private Party once again.

“A Dark Order Musical” - Being The Elite, Ep. 318 is available for viewing in the video below.

The timeline for the opening segment was before last week’s Dynamite. The show started with the Young Bucks lounging in the airport. Brandon Cutler spied Hangman dining lonesome across the way.

Being the Elite

The Bucks declined Cutler’s suggestion to invite the cowboy over. It appeared that the Bucks weren’t ready to confront their own feelings on the situation. They requested that Cutler cut the camera to close that scene.

Later, the Jacksons were backstage meeting up with Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish. Matt and Nick had been texted by Cole that he had something to say, however, they hadn’t seen him all day until right before the Dynamite segment. The Bucks weren’t aware of any details but went with the flow for an easy night to let Cole do the talking on camera.

That easy night turned into a painful one when Cole and reDRagon ambushed the Bucks. BTE showed highlights of Cole’s promo, the subsequent swerve beatdown, and Hangman making the save.

Over to the Dark Order. They were hungover and completely missed everything from Dynamite, specifically Hangman saving the Bucks. Alex Reynolds questioned Hangman’s suggestion from last week about the Dark Order in the trios tournament. Evil Uno, Reynolds, John Silver, and 10 makes four, but that didn’t deter Hangman’s encouragement. All four of them can be the best trio. Dark Order bought in and broke out a song and dance.

Being the Elite

With Dark Order business taken care of, Hangman opined about being in an awkward place with the Young Bucks needing a partner. He wasn’t sure though. It felt like the Dark Order’s time, and perhaps he should be in their corner.

That wasn’t the end of the show. The Bucks outro cut to a scene of Hangman walking down the hallway with the BTE sad boy music playing. Hangman knocked on a door. The camera angle switched to the other side opening. Hangman spoke, “I...” The scene went to black for a cliffhanger. We can only assume that Hangman was speaking with the Young Bucks.

Being the Elite

In another potential trios scenario, Matt Hardy was in pain after his loss to Christian Cage. Private Party came in to poke fun and rub it in. Hardy was in an ornery mood, so Private Party tired to smooth things over. Despite the past, Private Party respected Hardy trying to make things right. Hardy believes that he deserves all this pain as karma to pay penance for being a piece of shit.

Being the Elite

Private Party didn’t disagree, but they still viewed him as a hero who inspired them to get in the business. Private Party said they are here for Matt. Hardy wasn’t interested in bonding, because his toxicity would drag their careers down again. He had a lot of self-loathing to do.

What’s your take on the Elite drama? Will this finally be the week that AEW pulls the trigger on television for the Young Bucks to become friends again with Hangman Page? Do you like the idea of Matt Hardy teaming with Private Party for the trios tournament?

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