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Is pro wrestling thriving? CM Punk supposes so

AEW Dynamite

While he was at the San Diego Comic-Con, current AEW World Champion CM Punk sat down for a chat with That Hashtag Show. He was asked for his thoughts on the current state of professional wrestling and he gave a measured response on the current landscape of the industry:

“The landscape… it depends on your perspective. It depends on, I think, how grumpy I am that day, you know? You can go either way. You can say that, ‘Oh man, wrestling’s dying.’ Or you can say ‘Well look at it, it’s thriving.’ For the first time there’s a second company that’s viable — and I’m not gonna say it’s a viable threat, it’s just a viable, healthy company and a second place where men and women can get paid to wrestle in a ring on television. I know there’s people that think Dynamite is the greatest thing in the world. There’s people that think Dynamite isn’t good. There’s people that think it’s somewhere in the middle, it could be better. But because we’re having that conversation, I suppose pro wrestling is thriving.”

WWE is still the top of the food chain, despite recent events, but AEW is most definitely a viable alternative for both fans and workers alike. Both have television deals and are running multiple shows every week. A lot of folks are making good money in the business right now.

As bad as it may seem creatively at times, no matter which company you support, everything seems to be going pretty well right now.

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